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Yaerius is an archangel but not a part of the Angiris Council. It is believed that Yaerius created the belief of the Zakarum church by appearing for the prophet Akarat.

Background[edit | edit source]

In ages past, the Archangel Yaerius visited a young ascetic named Akarat and revealed to him the tenets of what was to become the religion of Zakarum. These teachings stressed the necessity of resisting all things evil, and embracing, with total devotion, the Light. The angel appointed Akarat to be the prophet of these new teachings, and bade him take the word to the people of all lands.[1]
"The Archangel Yaerius had coaxed a young ascetic named Akarat into founding a religion devoted to the Light." - Diablo: The Black Road

The Demon Lord Kabraxis prevented Yaerius from bringing forth Zakarum during the Sin War, and tried to create an antithesis to Zakarum, using his own prophet: Kreghn.

Disputable Facts[edit | edit source]

It is not certain whether Yaerius was really an Archangel or just one the demons in disguise, like Diablo as the Archangel Mirakodus which led Ureh to ruin. Not much is known about Yaerius as the only mention of him is in Diablo: The Black Road.

The texts above are interesting as it sounds like Yaerius was pushing Akarat to create the religion.

References[edit | edit source]