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Natalya is a member of the Viz-Jaq'taar found in Kurast Docks as a NPC in Diablo II. She was put there as a preview of the Assassin class before it was announced.

Background[edit | edit source]

Natalya is so far only known to have been seen in the Kurast Docks some 20 years ago, during a time of slight turbulence, which some claim was a demonic invasion. Anyone talking to Natalya were told she could not assist the situation, awaiting further news.

She has a jaded view on life, presumably after seeing much death around her. She does not believe in life after death, and is more concerned with the here and now.

She knows of the Gidbinn and the Skatsimi culture as well as the Black Book, of which her Order's code is based upon many of its passages.

She is very aware of the fanaticism of the Zakarum, and dangers of the fanatics.

After the hero kills Mephisto, she is tempted to join them fighting in Hell, but orders finally arrived, and she is called to the Barbarian lands, for reasons she can't divulge.

Diablo II[edit | edit source]

Natalya is an NPC found in the Kurast Docks. She is located on the large stone island south of the stash and waypoint, where she remains until nearly the end of the Act, when she vanishes without a trace. Not much was thought of Natalya during the early days of Diablo II, but once the expansion was announced and the Assassin character was revealed, players realized that Natalya was an Assassin, meant as a sort of Easter Egg/sneak preview of the class that Blizzard North knew they would be adding in the expansion pack. Contrary to this fact, she makes no notice if your character is also an Assassin.

She does not give any quests or quest rewards, but her dialogues are interesting for the plot points they touch on, and what they reveal about the nature of the Assassin class and the Viz-Jaq'taar.

Natalya Dialogues[edit | edit source]