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Kabraxis is a demon in the book The Black Road.

Like many demons Kabraxis is know to be an enemy of the prime evils. Despite being not nearly so powerful as the three, he is considered to be quite dangerous due to a high level of intelligence and patience. Kabraxis has had many plans to enslave humanity under his rule, usually involving a false religion. He also, at one point, ruled a few Barbarian tribes.

He is known to have been banished and returned to Sanctuary multiple times.

In his most recent known incarnation he was slain by Darrick Lang which, somehow, made Kabraxis a voice in Darrick's head. Kabraxis tried to drive Darrick to death, believing this might set him free, but Darrick instead learned to access Kabraxis' power and uses that power to become a healer and force for good.

Kabraxis/Darrick's whereabouts/status at the time of Diablo 3 is unknown. One or both may appear in Diablo III.