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Were you looking for ATMA, the muling application?

Atma is a Diablo II NPC, and is found in Lut Gholein, in the tavern on the eastern side of town, just up the path from the town portal spot. She is not a merchant and does not buy or sell anything, though she can heal characters and their minions, as can Fara.

The fact that Atma is slightly closer to the town portal area makes her potentially useful if you are running to heal a badly-poisoned mercenary. She periodically bursts into tears and cries hysterically for a few seconds, presumably over her husband and son. She recovers quickly, strangely enough, and wipes her face with her sleeve.

Atma gives the Radament's Lair quest to start off Act Two, but it's not necessary to speak with her before or during the quest. For this quest the character is rewarded with lower prices in town, but speaking with Atma is not required to obtain this reward.

What happened to her after the demon war is unknown

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