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A fan character is a Diablo-inspired character for a piece of fan fiction or perhaps a nemesis for a fan class in the minds of one or more fans of the franchise. These are not official characters, or even official joke characters from Blizzard. There are many varieties of these characters; good or evil and beyond.

The fan characters are made to help give Blizzard ideas about their game development, for theorycrafting of what Blizzard might create next, or just right out unrealistic and funny. It can also be part of a contest or other event.

For a full list of fan characters, see the fan characters category.

Background[edit | edit source]

The idea to make a section for fan-created character in Diablo Wiki was derived from the original additions of fan classes back in early June 2009, and the "revival" of The Dark Library. This page and its category is here to help fans create new and exciting creations that are made to inspire Blizzard, or perhaps just fellow fans.

A fan character is a character based on the Diablo universe, but not part of the official lore. These fan characters are not canon.

The characters can be from any setting, alternate reality, and so on, but still relates to the world of Diablo.

Some writers also use main characters from Diablo I, Diablo II and some from Diablo III in fan fiction stories as well, mixing in "real" characters and fan characters.

Example Fan Characters[edit | edit source]

Not that many fanmade characters have so far been created, but here are a few examples of how it can look:

Questions and Answers[edit | edit source]

  • Who can make a new fan character in DiabloWiki?

Anyone with a little bit of imagination can make a fanmade article in the Diablo wiki. A minimum level of seriousness, or effort is required, and any entry is welcome.

  • Can I improve others' fan characters?

Normally in a wiki, you can edit anything anywhere, but since these articles are works by individuals, you should ask them for permission to edit. Fixing typos, grammatical errors or adding wiki links is of course always welcome.

  • Do I have to make a fan character on my own, or can I collaborate with friends?

Of course you can collaborate with friends! Others then have to ask the collaboration group if they wish to help out.

  • How can you guarantee no one will edit my fan character

It's a wiki, and we're all in it, there's no "you" to talk to to prevent it. The answer is that "we" can't prevent edits, only encourage people to ask the authors first. If you see edits classed as "vandalism" on your class, fix the issue and report the offending user to Leord or Holyknight3000.

  • How do I create a fan character then?

Easy, just type in the name you want to call it in your browser, like this:
Then just click "Edit", write what you want, and save.

  • How can I find a cool image as a portrait to my fan character?

Make one, or humbly ask one of the artists in the Fan Creation Forum over at for help.

  • Are there any help pages for editing wikis I can use?

DiabloWiki has a quite good Help section you can use. Primarily the markup section should help.

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