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Bartuc , Bartuc the Warlord and The Warlord of Blood are all names of Horazon's brother who was lured into darkness, and fought on the demon side in the Sin War.

Background[edit | edit source]

Both Bartuc and Horazon were members of the powerful Eastern mage clan known as the Vizjerei. This mystic clan studied the ways of demons and had catalogued their lore for generations. While Horazon focused on the mastering of the arcane magic and mind control, Bartuc leaned toward demonic magic.

Bartuc was lured to the side of Darkness and granted exceptional strength and longevity. Bartuc served and fought alongside the legions of Hell against his brethren, the Vizjerei, during the Sin War. His prowess as a warrior among the demon ranks eventually taxed him with madness and the insatiable lust for mortal blood. Bartuc soon became fond of bathing in the blood of his enemies who immediately identified him for his reddish-stained armor. For this, he came to be known as the Warlord of Blood. Bartuc's armor (which is clad in crimson red (blood)) is said to have a mind of its own, even a bit of Bartuc himself. Any who wears the armor is bound to follow the armor's commands.

After many years of bloodshed, Bartuc was finally killed, during an epic-scale battle, by a group of people including his own brother Horazon. After this event, Bartuc's notorious armor was hidden away in a secret dungeon, protected by Horazon's dark magic, where it lay quiet, waiting for it's next bearer, who eventually turned out to be a wandering tomb raider named Norrec Vizharan. The events following are presented in the first novel based on the Diablo Universe, Diablo: Legacy of Blood.

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