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Anya is a Diablo II NPC, and is the leader of the Barbarian tribe. She's still a young woman, but has been forced into the leadership position after the deaths of most of the elders, at the hands of Baal and his invading demonic army.

When players begin Act Five Anya is not in town, and when the first quest begins your character is informed that Anya has been missing for several days, and that no one knows where she went. They suspect Nihlathak, but have no evidence. Evidence is provided when you find Anya in the Prison of Ice, and return her to town.

Once in town, Anya serves as a merchant, selling several types of armor, a few weapons (Assassin claws and some throwing weapons), along with keys and bolts/arrows. She is also the gambling NPC in Act Five, taking that role from Nihlathak, who did it until he vanished from town just before the third quest began.

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