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Palashia is a fabled Amazon archer, known from Amazonian folk lore as the first warrior managing to splitting one arrow into many, and is still a technique only the finest archers are able to master.

Background[edit | edit source]

Legend has it that the fabled Amazon archer, Palashia, bragged in her youth that she could best the combined skills of all her greatest rivals. Taking umbrage, her rivals gathered to challenge her outrageous boast, arranging a contest to decide the question. To preserve her honour, Palashia was to strike the targets of all her rivals before they could land a single arrow. When dawn arose on the day of the contest, Palashia stood ready with her bow.

At the signal, her rivals nocked their arrows and loosed a volley towards their targets. Palashia gathered her energies, and let fly with her own, single arrow. To the amazement of onlookers, her arrow split into many, cleaving the arrows of her rivals, and moving on to strike every target directly in their centres. This mysterious technique quickly became a martial secret that only the finest archers are able to master.

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