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Quov Tsin is a Vizjerei sorcerer who does not appear in-game in Diablo 1 or 2 but may make an appearance in D3.

Quov Tsin is bald and a sorcerer of the Innermost Circle. Brother of the High Initiate.

In Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow, he wants to find the portal to Heaven through the fabled city of Ureh.

Aided by Kentril Dumon and his mercenaries, including Gorst, the Barbarian, he sets out to find the city.

Unknown to him the city, is watched over by Zayl, a Necromancer.

Some of the spellwork used by Quov Tsin to gain access to Ureh

Basara Ty Komi
Basara Yn Alli!
Gazara! Wendo Ty Ureh!
Magri! Magri.....Lucin Ahn! Lucin---"
Protasi!Ureh! Protast!
Ureh Aproxos!

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