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Run Azar Himself
Run Azar's Face Close View
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One of Run Azar's Officers

Run Azar is invented by Veskin7 Bukito.

You can also see a bigger image in my deviantart gallery.

Run Azar is a powerful demon that is meant to be the leader of Diablo's army /proposition to Blizzard/.

He is a leader of a fearsome demon army called Nightmares. The Nightmare demons use elemental forces like Fire, Ice, Lightning and Poison. Actually each demon possesses one of the element powers. There are Fire Nightmares and Poison Nightmares that are often met, and Ice and Lightning Nightmares that are rare. They also possess powers to control the minds of the weak from a big distance. They have advanced telepahty and telekinesis. These demons are extremely clever and tough opponents.

Among the people there is a legend.

The story tells that Run Azar and his army served Diablo since he first walked the earth. The army of Nightmares leaded by Run Azar fought Tyrael, but the clever archangel lured them into a trap and used powerful holy force to imprison them. This was a great loss for Diablo himself.

There are different versions of this story. One tells that the demonic army is imprisoned somewhere in Dreadlands. Other tells they are in the Dry Steppes. People tell this story only to the ones they trust, so the ones with corrupted souls do not try to find the Prison and try to set the army free. That's why people call it The Forbidden Scroll.

When the Fiery Harbinger of Doom /the meteor/ fell on the ground it emitted a powerful magic wave that destroyed the prison of the Nightmares and Run Azar, and they were finally free.

Feel free to edit this picture or make your own version of Run Azar.

See the whole story written by Kire. It is called The Fall of Nightmares and KIre will soon update it with the next chapter. Check it regularly.

The pictures of Run Azar will be updated with colors after some time.

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