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Benjin was one of the fifteen mercenaries under the service of Captain Kentril Dumon in the novel Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow.

The mercenaries escorted Quov Tsin the vizjerei in his quest to find the fabled lost city of Ureh in Mountain Nymyr.

During their travel through the eastern jungles, Hargo was captured by a gargantuan river serpent, a tentacle beast. Captain Kentril Dumon ordered Benjin to throw a rope around the left horn of the beast. Their effort was for nothing. Hargo was eaten by the beast which escaped underwater.

Later when Quov Tsin succeeded with his spell to see ethereal Ureh reanimate the ruins, Benjin said: “Gold! A city full of gold!”

Entering the city, the main avenue split into three paths. Albord, Benjin and four more walked 100 paces through one of them following Captain Kentril Dumon's instructions. Gorst and four mercenaries took another path. Kentril, Quov Tsin, Zayl, Oskal, and the remaining mercenaries took another path.

A series of screams were heard. Everyone converged on its source.

Near Albord’s feet, a torn and ravaged form lay sprawled near the right side of the avenue. It took Kentril a moment to realize the mangled, bloody mess had once been Benjin.

A humanoid hellish cat had ripped him apart.

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