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Larzuk is a Diablo II NPC, and is the NPC blacksmith in Harrogath. He's a young, powerful Barbarian, fond of posing to show off the muscles built by hours at the forge. He is also surprisingly intelligent. Were it not for Qual-Kehk's pessimism, Larzuk might be the inventer of the cannon, zeppelin, and other renaissance machinery. Larzuk handles all the repair needs in Act Five, sells a wide variety of weapons and armor, and sells arrows/bolts as well.

His location near the waypoint and stash makes him a very convenient NPC to visit, and in the early days of the Expansion, when most characters could find better weapons for sale than they had yet found playing, players wore a trench between the waypoint and Larzuk, checking his items for sale, running to the waypoint to exit town and reset his inventory, then returning. Over and over again.

Larzuk gives the first quest in Act Five, challenging your character to kill Shenk the Overseer and stop the siege of Harrogath. Once this is done, Larzuk provides the very useful "add a socket" reward.

Since we don't know for sure what happened to the people of Harrogath, his fate is uncertain. He could have survived, but the massive explosion of the Worldstone could also have been fatal...

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