Kentril Dumon

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Captain Kentril Dumon was a mercenary with light brown hair from Westmarch. He led his group of 15 mercenaries to escort their new employer Quov Tsin, a vizjerei mage, to the fabled lost ruins of Ureh. None of them knew where it was located, but followed the vizjerei who had studied various centuries-old scripts and scrolls written by Gregus Mazi, the only survivor of Ureh.

Captain Dumon had two loyal and trust-worthy friends among his mercenaries to which he would delegate the most important and private tasks. Gorst the bronze-skinned giant and the young Albord.

His love for Atanna, the princess of Ureh and daughter of Lord Juris Khan, was the doom of his companions. Only Kentril Dumon and Zayl the necromancer survived their adventure within the lost city of Ureh. Captain Dumon appears in Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow. by Richard A. Knaak.

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