Captain Rumford

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Captain Rumford is an NPC soldier found in the New Tristram area. He is the first NPC with a speaking role.

Captain Rumford

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Conversations with NPCs can be had by clicking on them and selecting Talk from their menu. If they have something to say to you it will be listed. It's not indicated without clicking on them if they have a new conversation available.

Listening to some conversations can earn Achievements. None of the conversations with Villagers count towards an achievement.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Tell me About Yourself

I volunteered to help because it seemed the right thing to do. But I'm no leader of men.

Witch Doctor: The spirits speak to all of us. Listen, and find guidances.

That's a simple thing for you to say. You were born to fight monsters like the risen dead. Me, I'm a farmer.

Captain Daltyn

When Leah told us the dead were pouring out of the cathedral, we quickly went to put an end to it. At first it seemed we were succeeding, but th-but they just kept coming. We -- well, we were overcome. Captain Daltyn and the men fought valiantly. They protected me. I am no soldier. I am -- I was a farmer. I should not have been out there with them.

I do not know how I made it back here. None of the others did. And now, somehow I'm supposed to lead the militia.