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Camylle was Tylwulf's wife. Old friends of Siggard who lived at Bear's Hill village. Tylwulf and Camylle among other eight weak-willed villagers convinced the village to surrender to the demonic forces of Assur if they wanted mercy from the demons. However, the demons slayed them all, except for their new servants.

The surviving villagers were given power and some of the spirits of the slain villagers. And shared with the demons some of the babies and children's flesh to eat.

Tylwulf and Camylle cooked food and invited Siggard and Sarnakyle to sleep at their cottage. However, they attacked at night to kill them. Siggard and Sarnakyle were awaiting the treachery and replaced their beds stuffing their blankets.

They confessed what had happened to the villagers, and that they enjoyed how Siggard's wife Emilye was slain. And were given his baby girl's flesh to eat. Both, Camylle and Tylwulf were slain by Siggard.

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