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Korlic is formerly one of the three guardians of the worldstone on Mt. Arreat. With the destruction of the worldstone, he now aids the Barbarian whenever summoned.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Korlic was raised in the Henknoc jungles on the southern end of the barbarian kingdom. While the land that these barbarians lived in was lush and full of life, it was also full of danger beyond belief. Korlic was the leader of the Henknoc, protecting his people from the beasts they lived among. As a child he had managed to tame one of the more vicious animals called a Stalker. It was said that there must have been druid in his blood in order to perform such a task at such a young age. In his teens Korlic rescued a small child from a horde of giant spiders. The child turned out to be the son of a chieftain of an enemy tribe. Without thought or worry Korlic returned the boy home. While some say it was an act of stupidity, others say it was an act of courage. Which ever, it brought about an end to the conflicts between the two tribes.

When the Ancients summoned Korlic it was through the tribes Seer, his wife. She told him the Ancients had called upon him to protect that which must not fall, to protect Mt. Arreat. The honor was such that Korlic could not speak. Seeing this, his wife turned to the people of Henknoc and shouted, "My husband, your chief, has been chosen by the Ancients to guard sacred Mt. Arreat. In honor of this joyous occasion we shall celebrate until his departure." And they celebrated, for three days until Korlic left. On the final day, Korlic named his successor. He was the young boy, now a man, who Korlic had saved from the giant spiders so long ago. Korlic knew he would rule fairly and justly over both tribes. Finally, with all his worldly deeds complete, he ventured to the top of Arreat to begin his otherworldly quest of protecting the Worldstone for all eternity.

Apparently eternity isn't as long as they had thought, as Tyrael destroyed the worldstone. However, this did not end Korlic's dedication to preserving the life and culture of his people, as he now heeds the call of the Barbarian to fight for him through Call of the Ancients.

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