Dane Bright

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Dane Bright is a super rare merchant that spawn only in Adventure Mode & sells Legendary crafting plans

Rare merhcnat
  • There is a debate whether he can sells Level 12 plans or not(some people say they got L12 from him while others says they farmed him for several hours and got none).
  • He can spawn in multiple areas, reported areas include Northern Highlands, Dahlgur Oasis, Desolate Sands and Westmarch Commons.
  • The Legendary plan in his inventory resets every 15 min as long as you aren't in the same area as him (so you can do some bounties or rifts while waiting for him).
  • Only 1 member of the party can buy the plan from him.
  • The best area to farm for him is Northern Highlands since it's relatively small mall map compared to the others.
  • He doesn't have a merchant icon on top of him nor on the minimap which can make him hard to spot.
  • He can spawn anywhere on the map so you need to explore every inch of the map so you don't miss him.
  • The plans are not account bound so you can give or sell them to anyone, even if they were not in your game when you bought them.

The table below lists the plans so far found. Even though it's said Dane can sell all plans no level 12 plans have been seen, so this table is a confirmed record, if there are no level 12 plans added then it hasn't been confirmed.

Plan for Artisan Level Item Type Cost
Born's Defiance 4 Set 3060
Cain's Fate 4 Set 3060
Longshot 4 Bow 3060
Umbral Oath 4 Knife 3060
Unending War 4 Two-Handed Mighty Weapon 3060
Wall of Bone 4 Shield 3060
Bitterness 5 Mojo 3900
The Magi 5 Staff 3900
Aughild's Victory 6 Set 5220
Deadeye 6 Hand Crossbow 5460
Asheara's Uniform 7 Set 6420
Cataclysm 7 Two-Handed Mace 6660
Demon Hand 7 Fist Weapon 6660
Harvest Moon 7 One-Handed Mighty Weapon 6660
Singularity 7 Source 6660
Guardian's Contingency 8 Set 6780
Lost Boys 8 Boots 7020
Black Bone Arrows 10 Quiver 7380
Blood-Magic Blade 10 Dagger 7380
Demon's Skin 10 Set 7380
Earthshatter 10 One-Handed Mace 7380
Fire Brand 10 Two-Handed Axe 7380
Gehennas 10 Pants 7380
Griswold's Masterpiece 10 One-Handed Sword 7380
Hallowed Defenders 10 Set 7380
Robes of Rydraelm 10 Armor 7380
Rozpedin's Staff 10 Daibo 7380
Ruinstoke 10 Wand 7380
Sage's Plight 10 Set 7380
Seven Sins 10 Shoulders 7380
The Helm of Command 10 Helm 7380
Venomhusk 10 Bow 7380
Wondrous Deflectors 10 Bracers 7380