Archive of Tal Rasha

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Archive of Tal Rasha.

The Archive of Tal Rasha is a recipe for Kanai's Cube that extracts a legendary power from a legendary item and enables it via the Cube. This recipe works only legendary and set items with a legendary affix (orange text) and it destroys the item while extracting the power.


  • Only that orange text power is extracted, not any other properties from the item.
  • The cube always imparts the property at its highest possible value. i.e. an item with 40-50% to the legendary affix will always yield 50% via the cube.
  • Via Kanai's Cube, players can enable up to three legendary powers which work like extra passive skills. One from a weapon/off hand, one from jewelry, and one from armor.
  • Legendary powers will not "double dip," so even if a player enables a power through the cube and equips that item, the bonus will not count twice.
  • Kanai's Cube powers are shared across an account (Except between season and non-season, or hardcore and softcore).
  • Many legendary affixes are class-specific. Only Barbarians can gain Cube powers from Mighty Weapons or Mighty Belts, only DHs from Cloaks or Hand Xbows, etc.

See the Kanai's Cube article for full details and disclaimers.

Extract Legendary Power[edit | edit source]

This recipe is perhaps the most powerful and most enabled by Kanai's Cube. Players just starting out in a season should choose the items to convert with care, as the materials required can take some time to gather.

Archive of Tal Rasha

"All agreed that the cube was necessary if the hunt for the three was to be successful. They thought they understood the dangers."
--fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.

Kanai's Cube recipes
Archive of Tal Rasha
Extract Legendary Power
Law of Kulle
Reforge Legendary Item
Hope of Cain
Upgrade Rare item to Legendary
Skull of Nilfur
Convert Set Item
Work of Cathan
Remove Level requirement from item
Darkness of Radament
Convert gems
Anger of Iben Fahd
Convert white/blue/yellow materials.
Open portal to The Vault
req. Puzzle Ring (undocumented)
Open portal to Not the Cow Level
req. Bovine Bardiche (undocumented)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Images show a walk through of extracting the legendary power from an item.