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Horadric Cache materials were added to the game in Patch 2.3. They are crafting materials that can only be obtained from Horadric Caches, each one tied to a specific act. Players must complete all five bounties in each act, then visit Tyrael in town to receive their cache. A second bonus cache will be awarded if the act is the current Bonus Act, a random designation that changes every hour, or when the previous Bonus Act is finished.

Horadric Cache materials are required for various level 70 legendary and set item crafting recipes, as well some Kanai's Cube recipes.

Act One

Khanduran Rune

Act Two

Caldeum Nightshade

Act Three

Arreat War Tapestry

Act Four

Corrupted Angel Flesh

Act Five

Westmarch Holy Water

Obtaining Cache materials[edit | edit source]

These materials can *only* be found from Horadric Caches, which are awarded by Tyrael to characters who complete all five bounties in an act in Adventure Mode at level 65 or above.

  • 1 material: Normal.
  • 2 materials: Hard or Expert.
  • 3 materials: Master - Torment 6.
  • 4 materials: Torment 7 - Torment 9.
  • 5 materials: Torment 10.

Completing the fifth bounty when an Act is the Bonus Act grants a second, bonus Horadric Cache that holds an equal number of cache mats. This will double the total materials obtained per act.

Players below level 65 will only find 1 material from the main cache, but will get the appropriate number of materials for that difficulty level from the bonus cache. Thus a level 1-64 character on Hard difficulty would get 1 materials from the cache and 2 from the bonus cache, for a total of 3. Or a level 1-64 character would get 1 + 5 = 6 materials on Torment 10.

Split Farming[edit | edit source]

A popular technique is split farming where two or more players split up and do different bounties separately, in order to complete them all that much more quickly. To earn caches from Bounties, players need merely be in the game when someone collects the Caches from Tyrael, and when one player talks to Tyrael, the cache (and possibly bonus cache) will appear in the inventory of every other player in the game, regardless of their location or participation in any/all of the Bounties.

Cache Materials Recipes[edit | edit source]

Reaper's Wraps crafting in Patch 2.3.

Most level 70 legendary and item set crafting recipes require one or two Horadric Cache materials, which can get expensive if a player creates the item/set multiple times trying to get an item with a good stat roll.

Of the Kanai's Cube recipes, two of the most powerful require all five materials:

Archive of Tal Rasha, Extracts the legendary affix to Kanai's Cube.

Law of Kulle, Reforges a Legendary item