Hope of Cain

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Hope of Cain recipe.

The Hope of Cain is a recipe for Kanai's Cube that upgrades a rare item to a legendary or set item of the same item type. The item type is key; for instance, players who want The Furnace must use a rare Two-Handed Mace, which will transmute into one of the legendary two handed maces, randomly-chosen.

This recipe only works with level 70 rare items, but rare items of any origin can be used, including crafted or vendor-purchased items, or rares that originated via gambling.

It's also a useful way to upgrade expensive items to gamble, such as Amulets. Considering a 1/10 success rate on gambling a legendary, that's approximately 1000 Blood Shards per legendary amulet gamble, at 100 shards each. Players lacking in Blood Shards but needing an amulet (or weapon, or ring) may find the material costs of this recipe much more affordable than the Blood Shard costs to attempt to gamble a legendary or set item.

Newly-created legendary or set items via this recipe are entirely random in stats and Ancient (or not) quality, just as though the item had just been dropped by a monster or found from a chest.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Hope of Cain

"When the physical material of the cube was forged, the real work began. Ten Horadrim took it deep into the cave, to a place that should never have been disturbed."
--fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.

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