Cloak of Deception

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Cloak Of Deception.

Cloak Of Deception is a legendary cloak that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. This item can only be equipped by the Demon Hunter, and will only very rarely drop for any other class.

The Smart Drop system ensures that cloaks will usually roll with Dexterity, or at least never roll with Strength or Intelligence. Any bonus skill damage will be tuned to Demon Hunter skills as well.

Cloak Of Deception properties[edit | edit source]

This item has a legendary affix that causes projectiles to sometimes pass harmlessly through the Demon Hunter. It's helpful, but not anything approaching game-changing.

  • All stats listed in the database scale up to the level of this item when dropped.
  • See the sample screenshots below to see how this item will roll at level 70.

Cloak Of Deception: Legendary cloak

  • Minimum Item Level: 15
  • Durability: 25–45
  • Armor: 36-41

Primary Affixes:

  • +(24-29) Dexterity
  • +(24-29) Vitality
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +(31-36) Armor
    • +(46-54) Armor
  • +1 random primary affix

Secondary Affixes:

  • +1 random secondary affix
  • Enemy missiles sometimes pass through you harmlessly.

This iridescent cloak, woven from the silk of
starlight butterfly larvae, serves to twist sight
around it, like a mirage rising off the desert sands.

Salvages into:

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item can be seen below. View more samples of the Cloak Of Deception via DiabloNut's armory.