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Sydryu Crust database.

Sydryu Crust is a crafted legendary bow that can only be created in Reaper of Souls. After v2.06 this item no longer requires a Sydyru Bone or any other legendary materials to craft.

To craft the Sydryu Crust, find the Plan: Sydyru Crust, which can be dropped by any level 70 target, and teach the plan to the Blacksmith. Once learned by the smith, any character on your account can make as many of these as you can afford to create, though only the Witch Doctor can equip it.

Sydryu Crust stats[edit | edit source]

This bow can not equal the quality of the ranged weapons with useful legendary affixes, but has excellent damage potential and the very useful Damage to Elites modifier.

The problem with this bow (and the Unbound Bolt as well, is that both have 3 primary affixes. This leaves only one slot for +Dexterity and a socket, both of which are essential for a top end weapon in Reaper of Souls. Thus a player must hope to get either Dex or a socket as the random primary affix, and then enchant one of the inherent properties -- IAS or DTE -- into the other. Damage to Elites is a much more valuable modifier than Increased Attack Speed, once a player moves up into the higher difficulty levels.

Sydryu Crust: Legendary Bow

  • Item Level: 70

Primary Affixes:

  • +(981-1199)-(1175-1490) Poison Damage
  • +5-7% Increased Attack Speed
  • +9-10% damage to Elites
  • +1 random primary affixes

Secondary Affixes:

  • +2 random primary affixes
  • Legendary Affix: None.

Carved from the bones of the dreaded giant sydyru demon.

Salvages into:

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Once a player finds the randomly-dropped plan and teaches it to the Blacksmith, the item can be created by any character on that account. This item always has a lvl 70 requirement, no matter what level character crafts it. The Smart Loot system means that this item will usually roll with a mainstat and/or +skill damage bonus appropriate to the class of the character that creates it.

Crafting Costs:

Patch 2.0.6 controversially[1] removed Legendary Materials, which changed the crafting costs for every level 70 RoS recipe. Prior to that patch Sydyru Crust required 1 Sydyru Bone and 1 Death's Breath to craft.

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item can be seen below. View more samples of Sydyru Crust via DiabloNut's armory.


Legendary Material[edit | edit source]

Legendary Materials were controversially[2] removed in Patch 2.0.6. The following is archived for posterity.


The required legendary material, Sydyru Bone can only drop from Unique (purple) Bats. These are found primarily in the cathedral levels of Act One, and may spawn as Bounties. The most common Bat is probably Sicklefang, the end boss of the Carrion Farm event in the Fields of Misery, which appears in one third to one half of games.