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Reaper of Souls added six legendary follower items, all of them Torment-only. These items can not be found in Diablo 3, and each corresponds only to one specific follower.

There are technically six items, but only two legendary properties, each of them repeated three times for the three followers. These items are identical to rare follower items in their other properties; they just have the special legendary property on top of their random affixes.

Follower Legendaries[edit | edit source]

All are Torment-only, found only from level 61 and higher targets on Torment 1 or higher difficulty.

  • Follower cannot die: Followers wearing this item take zero damage from attacks.
  • All skills enabled: This allows players to activate as many follower skills as they wish, rather than just 1/2 from each of the four tiers.

Enchantress Items:

Scoundrel Items:

Templar Items:

All follower legendary items are Bound to Account, just like other legendary items. Players can use them on any character on their account, but can not give or sell them to other players. (Other than via the Legendary trading exception.