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Crusader shields are a type of shield that only Crusaders can equip. They have comparable blocking and armor to normal shields, but may spawn with special Crusader bonuses, as is the case with all class-restricted gear in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls.

Crusader shields are only usable in Reaper of Souls, since that's where Crusaders are found. This type of item may still be found occasionally in Diablo 3 (along with Crusader-only flails) but the items can not be used by any class in Diablo 3. (Though upgrading to Reaper of Souls would enable the creation of a Crusader, who could be leveled up and then use the Crusader Shield or Flail.)

Legendary Crusader Shields[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of Legendary Crusader Shields, many of them boasting special properties only of use to the Crusader. Like other legendary items in Reaper of Souls, all of these scale up to the level of the character who finds them, and thus all can be viable end game items.

  • Items of level 61 and higher can only be found in Reaper of Souls.

Legendary Crusader Shields

8) Salvation Act 5 Horadric Cache only
31) Akarat's Awakening
31) Hallowed Bulwark
31) Hellskull
31) Jekangbord
31) Sublime Conviction
31) The Final Witness
70) Piro Marella - Crafted