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Ranged combat includes both physical and magical types of attacks that is used at enough range to hit it's target without entering into melee range with it. A ranged attack or spell can also have an Area of Effect.

  • See the [Archer]] article for related details.

Ranged Classes[edit | edit source]

NPCs who might be something like the fifth class. Could it be the archer?

In Diablo 3, the following classes are considered "ranged" classes:

  • Demon Hunter - The Demon Hunter is Diablo 3's archetypal archer class. She deals physical damage via bows or her special pistol crossbows. The class also utilizes traps and gadgets with explosive and elemental properties to keep enemies at bay.

Ranged Monsters[edit | edit source]

While the majority of Diablo 3 monsters use melee combat, there are plenty of ranged ones as well. In many cases they work together with melee and caster type monsters (or they are ranged/caster type themselves), to make the encounter more interesting for the player. A Skeletal Archer is usually situated behind Skeletal Shieldmen, forcing the player to either kill or circumvent the Shieldmen in order to stop the ranged attacks. Here are a few examples of melee monsters, with different mechanics:

  • Skeletal Archer - Shoots arrows at player characters. Keeps out of melee range, and will try to move so that obstacles or other monsters stand between them and the player.
  • Dark Cultist - Will shoot firebolts at the player, trying to keep Dark Berserkers between the player and themselves, or summon Dark Demons for the same effect.
  • Wraith - Has both melee and ranged attacks. The ranged attacks drain life and slows a player character.

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