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Gold stacks in Greed's Domain.

Gold Find (or GF) is a crucial part of the in-game economy. Gold Find bonuses from items, paragon points, and higher difficulty levels boosts the amount of gold dropped by monsters and chests. It does not boost gold rewards for completing bounties or quests or the prices NPCs pay for items, etc. (Though gold rewards for quests and bounties and other such events do scale up with higher difficulty levels.)

In contrast to Magic Find, which was of enormous importance in those early days, Gold Find was a fairly unimportant property in Diablo 3 vanilla. It became much more necessary in D3v2 and Reaper of Souls once the Auction House was gone and players had to find all their own gold, and thanks to much higher costs to upgrade gems and all new fees for enchanting items.

Patch 2.0.5 Gold Find Multiplied[edit | edit source]

Patch 2.0.5 in May 2014 ushered in the real age of Gold Find, as Blizzard changed the property to make it multiplied by (rather than merely added to) the difficulty level and equipment boosts to Gold Find. For instance:

  • Before Patch 2.0.5: A character with 100% Gold Find just had that added to the +300% Gold/EXP from Torment 1
    • = 400% Gold Find.
  • After Patch 2.0.5: A character with 100% Gold Find had that multiplied by the 300% from Torment 1
    • = 600% Gold Find.

The multiplied value increases much more with higher levels of Torment, and players with good Gold Find soon found their gold income increasing dramatically. The difference is much more dramatic on higher difficulty levels:

  • A character with 200% Gold Find playing on Normal gets 200% gold find.
  • On Master he'd get 600% Gold Find.
  • On Torment 4 he'd get 800% x 3 = 2400% gold find.
  • On Torment 6 he'd get 1600% x 3 = 4800% gold find.

Characters with high gold find levels who play higher levels of Torment routinely find 50k and larger stacks, and can pick up millions of gold per game.

Difficulty Level Increases[edit | edit source]

The difficulty level greatly increases the gold drops. See the difficulty article for info on monster hit point increases and experience reward increases, which also scale up with each difficulty level.

These values are modified by a character's Gold Find via equipment and paragon point bonuses. For instance, a character with 200% Gold Find would cause all of these values to triple.

Gold Find can occur as a random secondary affix in almost every item slot, and can also be boosted by Paragon Points.