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Seasonal Legendaries are legendary items added to the game during Ladder Seasons. These items can only drop for Seasonal Characters over the course of that season. Once a season ends, all Seasonal Characters and their new gear are returned to the general character population, and that season's legendary items become findable for all characters in the game, whether Seasonal or not. This process repeats each time a season ends and a new season begins, with new seasonal legendary items created for each new season.

Seasonal Legendaries are not meant by the designers to be special, super-quality legendary items. They are just new weapons, armor, legendary follower items, and/or legendary potions that may be better or worse than existing legendary gear. They are not meant to create a new higher tier of loot, though it seems likely that Blizzard will use these new legendaries to try to add variety and alternatives to some of the most powerful/popular current legendary items.

Season One Legendary Items[edit | edit source]

The first Diablo 3 season is set to begin Friday, August 29, 2014, soon after Patch 2.1 live earlier that week. There are a dozen Seasonal Legendary items in the first season.

Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation -- Health potion.

  • Legendary Affix: Restores 15% of your primary resource when used below 25% Life.

Krelm's Buff Bulwark item set.

  • Krelm's Buff. Belt.
    • Grants a 20% Movement Speed bonus. Taking damage causes you to lose this effect for 15 seconds.
  • Krelm's Buff -- Bracers
    • Grant you immunity to Knockback and Stun effects.

Set Bonus:

  • (2) items:
    • +500 Vitality

Follower Items:


  • Aether Walker -- Wand, wizard only.
    • Removes the cooldown of Teleport. Teleport now costs 25 Arcane Power.
  • Frydehr's Wrath -- Crusader Shield
    • Removes the cooldown of Condemn. Condemn now costs 40 Wrath.
  • Leonine Bow of Hashir -- Bow.
    • Grants Bola Shot a 15-20% chance on explosion to pull in all enemies within 24 yards.
  • Remorseless -- One-handed Mighty Weapon. Barbarian only.
  • Sacred Harvester -- Ceremonial Dagger, WD only.
    • Soul Harvest now stacks up to 10 times.
  • Vengeful Wind (Fist Weapon)

PTR Patch 2.1 Legendaries[edit | edit source]

The first seasonal legendaries were created while Patch 2.1 was in testing on the PTR from June-August 2014. The items were clearly works in progress with temporary names and changing stats. Some items were even removed entirely during testing, or replaced by others. There were multiple seasons as well, though the same items remained available in all of them[1][2] during the Patch 2.1 PTR testing, as Blizzard needed to test the season ending/beginning software.

Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation

  • Restores 15% of your primary resource when used below 25% Life

x1_FollowerItem_Legendary_03 (Name still TBD)

  • Equip on Follower: Reduces the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%

Krelm's Buff Belt

  • Grants a 20% Movement Speed bonus
  • Taking damage causes you to lose this effect for 15 seconds

Krelm's Buff Bracers

  • Grant you immunity to Knockback and Stun effects


P1_CruShield_norm_unique_01 (Name still TBD)

  • Legendary Crusader Shield
  • Removes the cooldown of Condemn
  • Condemn now costs 40 Wrath

Leonine Bow of Hashir

  • Demon Hunter themed Legendary Bow
  • Grants Bola Shot a 15-20% chance on explosion to pull in all enemies within 24 yards

Alabaster Gloves (Removed)

  • Monk themed Legendary Gloves
  • Increases the duration of Sweeping Wind to 1 minute

Removed during testing and replaced in Season Two with a new Monk fist weapon that provides a different boost to Sweeping Wind. (See below.)

Witch Doctor

  • Seasonal Legendary not yet implemented

p1_Wand_norm_unique_01 (Name still TBD)

  • Wizard themed wand
  • Removes the cooldown of Teleport
  • Teleport now costs 25 Arcane Power

PTR Season One, Part II[edit | edit source]

More legendary items were added in a patch to the PTR on August 5, 2014, with a test run for ending a season and beginning a new one.[3] The switch over allowed Blizzard to test and debug all of their plans for live season changes, and ran fairly smoothly. With the new season, several of the Season One legendaries were updated, and some new seasonal legendaries were added.

Most of these new/changed Legendary items were added to the general item pool, rather than being segregated into Season One only.

Crusader[edit | edit source]

New Crusader Armor Set (Name eventually set as Roland's Legacy)

  • (2) Set Bonus
    • +500 Strength
  • (4) Set Bonus
    • +100% Shield Bash Damage
    • +100% Sweep Attack Damage
  • (6) Set Bonus
    • Hitting an enemy with Shield Bash or Sweep Attack grants 20% Attack Speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times

Unrelenting Phalanx (Initially called Amazonian Parma)

  • New Crusader Shield
    • Allows Phalanx to summon twice as many Avatars
    • Applies to all rune variants

This item was initially a normal shield, but was quickly switched to a Crusader Shield. [4] That's actually a benefit for Crusaders as it's more likely to drop for them, and can spawn with +damage to specific Crusader shields, and Cooldown Reduction (which normal shields can not).

Demon Hunter[edit | edit source]

Wojahnni Assaulter

  • New Crossbow
  • Rapid Fire deals 40-50% more damage per second, stacks up to 4 times.

Monk[edit | edit source]

Vengeful Wind (Formerly: p1_fistWeapon_norm_unique_02, Name still TBD.)

  • New Legendary Fist Weapon
  • Increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Winds by 3 (initially 5-7)

This item was introduced with a different type of Sweeping Wind boost after the Alabaster Gloves were removed during Season One testing.

Witch Doctor[edit | edit source]

p1_CeremonialDagger_norm_season_01 (Name still TBD)

  • New Legendary Ceremonial Dagger
  • Soul Harvest now stacks up to 10 times

p1_CeremonialDagger_norm_unique_02 (Name still TBD)

  • New Ceremonial Dagger
  • Your Poison Darts and your Fetishes' Poison Darts now pierce

(Removed from seasonal and added to normal legendary item pool.)

Seasonal Legendaries in Diablo II[edit | edit source]

Diablo 2's ladders introduced the concept of adding new legendary items into the game just for ladder characters, but this development came late into Diablo 2's online life, when seasons ran for inconsistent lengths of time with little to no ongoing developer support. Diablo 2's ladder only Uniques and Runewords did not change in the new ladder season, and did not become findable by all characters after the season. They were, however, tradeable to non-ladder characters after each ladder ended and all the new characters reverted to the general character pool.