Invigorating Gemstone

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Invigorating gemstone icon.png
Invigorating Gemstone, rank 0.

Invigorating Gemstone is a Legendary Gem only found from Greater Rift Guardians in Reaper of Souls, provided you do not already carry this gem in your character's inventory, stash, or equipment.

Invigorating Gemstone, like almost all other legendary gems, can only be placed into the socket of a ring or amulet. You cannot have two equipped on one character.

All legendary gems can be upgraded up to rank 100. You can upgrade it via the NPC Urshi,who appears after the death of a Greater Rift Guardianwhen the Greater Riftis completed before the timer runs out.

Gem Properties[edit | edit source]

Invigorating Gemstone

  • Each hit done increases healing by 1.00% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times..
  • Upgrade rank grants: +0.02%. Maximum +3% at rank 100.

  • Rank 25 unlocks:
    • You are immune to control impairing effects

  • Flavor Text
    • “Some say this stone derives its power from its owners life
      force, which is shortened with each use. Well I say any fight
      I can walk away from is a victory, and tomorrow can take
      care of itself.” - Famed warrior Lenalas, the day before his death