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Paper doll, Jan 2012.
A belt is a useful piece of armor, and not just because it can hold up your character's pants. (Pants are a new type of armor.)

They can be found, bought or crafted by the Blacksmith and have item affixes that determine their magical properties. Belts can be of various qualities, including magic, rare, components of item sets, or legendary and can be found with one socket in them.

Belts can be crafted by the Blacksmith Artisan and he can also place one socket in them which you can stick a gem into to add more properties.

Belts are not potion receptacles in Diablo III, as they were in Diablo II. The belt interface has the same layout no matter what belt a character wears or does not wear. Belts do not affect the inventory size or carrying capacity in any way.

Belts Listing[edit | edit source]

The table below details the Belts in the current Beta game files.

<item type="list">Belt</item>

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