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Shoulder armor is a new type of armor added in Diablo III that was not present in Diablo 2. Initially called "Pauldrons" these items are worn between the arms and the neck, filling the space between bracers and the body armor.

Blizzard's artists are notorious (largely from World of Warcraft) for creating wildly oversized shoulder pads. The Diablo 3 artists continued that tradition, if not quite to the height of some of the most elaborate of WoW pauldrons. See some example images below.

Legendary Shoulders[edit | edit source]

Legendary Shoulders in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. All of these items (other than the few Torment-only class sets) can be used by any class.

  • All found (not crafted) gear in Loot 2.0 scales up (but not down) to the level of the character who finds it.
  • Items of level 61 and higher can only be found or created in Reaper of Souls.

Legendary Shoulders

Shoulder Types[edit | edit source]

<item type="list">Shoulders</item>

Gallery[edit | edit source]

A few images of Diablo III characters with more than their share of shoulder padding.

World of Warcraft characters vs. the Female Monk's shoulder pad height.