Cam's Rebuttal

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Cam's Rebuttal.

Cam's Rebuttal is a legendary two-handed sword that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. This item can be found and equipped by any class.

The Smart Drop system ensures that this weapon will usually roll with the mainstat appropriate to the class that finds it. It falls almost exclusively to Crusaders, thanks to the legendary affix that's only of use to that calss.

Cam's Rebuttal properties[edit | edit source]

This item has a legendary affix that can only be used by the Crusader. It allows Falling Sword to be cast again within 4 seconds, before the Cooldown begins. This allows a Crusader to cast the powerful attack repeatedly, as often as the Wrath resource will permit.

  • All stats listed in the database scale up to the level of this item when dropped.
  • See the sample screenshots below to see how this item will roll at level 70.

Cam's Rebuttal: Legendary two-handed sword

  • Minimum Item Level: 61

Item stats at level 70:

  • 1666.9–1733.6 DPS
  • 1068 - (1831-1947) Damage
  • 1.15 Attacks per Second

Primary Attributes

  • One of 7 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Arcane Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Poison Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Holy Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Lightning Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Fire Damage
    • +(1177-1439)-(1410-1788) Cold Damage
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +(946-1125) Strength
    • +(946-1125) Dexterity
    • +(946-1125) Intelligence
    • +3100-4400 Life per Hit
  • +1 random primary affix

Secondary Affixes:

  • +2 random secondary affixes
  • Falling Sword can be used again within 4 seconds before the cooldown is triggered.

This massive holy weapon was once owned by an overzealous paladin named Cam.
The blade earned its name when Cam was confronted by a strange warrior from
the east who claimed that a darkness coiled at the heart of the Zakarum faith,
one that threatened to undo its good works. Cam listened politely to the claims,
then with a scream of "Blasphemer!" lopped off the shocked stranger's head.

Salvages into:

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item equipped on level 70 characters can be seen below. View hundreds more samples of the Cam's Rebuttal via DiabloNut's armory.