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Izzuccob is a legendary hand crossbow that can be found in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. This item can only be equipped by the Demon Hunter, and will very rarely drop for any other class. This item can be equipped with a shield or quiver in the off hand slot, or Demon Hunters can dual-wield two hand crossbows.

The Smart Drop system ensures that hand crossbows will usually roll with dexterity, or at least never roll with strength or intelligence.

Izzuccob properties[edit | edit source]

This item does not have a legendary affix and does nothing special, but with two random primary affixes and a useful inherent secondary affix, it's got good potential as solid end game legendary, albeit a step below the very top quality bows.

  • All stats listed in the database scale up to the level of this item when dropped.
  • See the sample screenshots below to see how this item will roll at level 70.

Izzuccob: Legendary hand crossbow

  • Minimum Item Level: 11

Item stats at level 70:

  • 808.0–876.0 DPS
  • 126 - (884-969) Damage
  • 1.60 Attacks per Second

Primary Attributes

    • +(858-1049)-(1028-1304) Damage
    • +(626-750) Dexterity
  • +2 random primary affixes

Secondary Affixes:

  • +(9-12) Maximum Discipline
  • +1 random secondary affix
  • Legendary Affix: None.

What fevered mind conceived of this vicious device that sends spikes
hurling towards one's enemies at incredible speeds?

Salvages into:

Item Examples[edit | edit source]

Several examples of this item equipped on level 70 characters can be seen below. View hundreds more samples of the Izzuccob via DiabloNut's armory.


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The odd name for this item has spawned fan speculation. It looks a bit like "uzi" which is appropriate for a fast-firing hand crossbow, but the origin seems to be a reversed spelling of the last name of Jeff Boccuzzi, a QA Technician at Blizzard Entertainment.