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Monk posing dramatically.

Daibos are Monk-restricted two-handed melee weapons. These are seldom-used by Monks, since the offensive bonuses from dual wielding, or the defensive bonuses from one-handed weapon + shield far outpoint the utility of a two-handed Daibo.

Early in Diablo 3's development Daibos were "long staves" which were used for melee combat, while "short staves" were a two-handed weapon meant for spell-casters. Short staves ultimately became "staves" while long staves evolved into Daibos.

Monk Weapon-Specific Skills[edit | edit source]

During development the Monk's various skills were planned to be attached to specific weapon types, with his Fist Weapons meant for fast, punching type attacks, while he would use a staff for more sweeping attacks that hit multiple targets for bigger damage.[1]

The Monk has a staff and the fist weapons. Will he have any weapon specific skills? Like dual wielding with just the fist weapons?

Jay Wilson: We're talking about that. One of the things we’ve talked about with the Monk is that a lot of his skills don’t really use his weapons. So he’s doing melee skills with his weapons almost holstered. For instance, Debilitating ... I think it’s called Crippling Wave now. We change them a lot and I get mixed up on the titles.

Anyway, the Crippling Wave skill seems like it should be a staff skill. It’s kind of AoE, he does it and affects a lot of guys around him. So it’s a possibility that we’ll do skills and redefine them based on combat styles and have those styles have a weapon preference.

That seemed like a cool idea, but it was rejected as being too complicated and narrowing the Monk's utility. Unfortunately, that system was scrapped fairly late in the development, which is why the Diablo 3 vanilla Monk didn't use his weapons in his attack animations. The class simply punched everything, even when armed with a Daibo or other large weapon, stowing the weapon on his back while fighting, after carrying it while running into battle. The only time the Monk was seen using his Daibo in combat was with the Tempest Rush skill, and in that case he still stowed his real Daibo on his back and twirled a glowing, spectral sort of Daibo during the skill's attacks.

This absurd state was gradually and partially ameliorated post-release by adding more animations, and today the Monk does swing most one-handed weapons when hitting enemies with them.

Legendary Daibos[edit | edit source]

See the individual articles for full stats and details about each item.

  • Items of level 61 and higher can only be found in Reaper of Souls.

Legendary Daibos

9) Balance
23) Lai Yui's Taiji - Crafted
29) The Flow of Eternity
29) The Paddle
31) Staff of Kyro
31) Warstaff of General Quang
50) Incense Torch of the Grand Temple
60) Rozpedin's Staff - Crafted
60) Flying Dragon
60) Inna's Reach - Set
70) Lai Yui's Persuader - Crafted
70) Rozpedin's Force - Crafted