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Axes are a type of weapon in Diablo III. They are found in one-handed and two-handed types, and are a favored weapon of the Barbarian class. Large, two-handed weapons may be restricted to the Barbarian only as a Class-specific weapon but this is not yet confirmed.

The Diablo III Barbarian's starting equipment consists of a hand axe and a buckler shield.

One-handed Axes[edit | edit source]

One-handed axes, concept vs. in-game.

Axes were profiled as an item type in a Diablo III panel from Blizzcon 2010. In one shot they showed the variety of axes, going from their concept art to the final in-game 3D model.

The design concept is that there's a clear difference between the starting axe and the highest level type. The team doesn't worry about making every level of axe a clear upgrade (probably because this would be subjective/impossible) but they do want to give the player a sense of increasing power as they move through the selections and types of chopping device.

List of One-handed Axes[edit | edit source]

<item type="list">Axe</item>

List of Two-Handed Axes[edit | edit source]

<item type="list">Two-Handed Axe</item>

Axe Media[edit | edit source]

Axes are shown off in dozens of Barbarian screenshots and piece of concept art. A few examples are included below.