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Bane Hero of the North is a fan fiction piece by Bane (Mark C. Dunstan), originally posted on the The Dark Library. The fiction series was recovered on April 14th 2010. On September 17th 2010 the rest of the lost stories and books were found including artwork.

Cover art by Gerwin Broers

About the Story Bane Hero of the North[edit source]

"This is the story of the Barbarian Bane and his quests and travels. He will get caught in many twist and turns and even some emotional parts will hit the reader as they go through this as well.

Exert from the page found here [1].

My Dedication[edit source]

Firstly I would like to say it has been a pleasure to write this book (which has been intended originally to be an online work), it may not be the greatest literally written piece around but hopefully is a joy to read. I have a few people to thank, firstly I would like to thank Kahn, the host of the Dark Library, a Diablo orientated fan fiction site for placing my work on the web for people to read. Secondly I would like to thank Simon Brown, for feeding me ideas in ‘The Gate’. I would also like to thank those who have read my work and my Dad, Martin who spent a lot of ink and paper printing it.

I would also like to express a very special thanks to Gerwin Broers for his excellent cover.

Lastly I would like to dedicate this book to my brother, Richard, who has been the biggest help I have had in writing so far. He has always been there to read my stories and keep me going. Thank you bro.

I would also like this to be a tribute to a writer who did more than just help shape fantasy into what it is today, before Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, a man who created fascinating characters and places beyond imagination. Thank you Robert E. Howard, for those Conan stories and much more.

Mark Dunstan January 2002

Notes: In order of completeness I wanted the reader to progress with the story, to watch Bane grow and develop as a character along with my writing skills, hence at the beginning of this book the first few chapters are written in a strange style which improves as the story moves along and as I get into the swing of things more.

Originally posted by the Author in 2002 [2].