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The Aurian Mage is a Caster that possesses many spells with holy power and also some melee skills. They also use the forces of Nature and some Shadow Spells - the other side of their force.

Stub sm.jpg The Aurian Mage is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:

Background[edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
Aurian Mage.jpg
Aurian Mage
Bosshead.png Fan-made Class Bosshead.png
Role: Caster Melee Ranged
Primary Attributes: Strength Dexterity Vitality Willpower Life Mana
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Avien
Affiliation: Aurian
Friends: Paladins of Inshala
Foes: Vizjerei

Centuries ago a Paladin named Jel Doh lead his army against demons attacking Lut Gholein. The paladins sacrifice achieved victory on the edge of killing all of them. Only Jel Doh and his closest friends survived, thanks to his skills and holy power. His gift was noticed by the powerful mage clan called the Vizjerei and they proposed to teach him as one of them. He agreed.

As time passed Jel Doh mastered the Vizjerei magic. Soon he started to teach young mages. In the meantime he found a way to combine the holy force of the paladins with magic, turning himself to a completely unique and powerful mage. He tried to teach the holy magic to the rest of the mages, but they couldn't understand. It was a big failure to him. He didn't give up and wrote many books in which he described a way to achieve the holy masteries he invented. Few of the Vizjerei learned how to do it, but even they could barely reach his level.

Jel Doh's power grew with time and soon he became so powerful that the Vizjerei council feared that he will dare to occupy their power over the mages. They decided to implicate him in a mean plot. A feigned witness told everyone that he saw Jel Doh talk to the demon Run Azar about a union. According to his story, the demon promised limitless powers to Jel Doh, concealed behind a false holy force, and in return he should assist Run Azar in destroying the church of Zakarum, by corrupting it. The liar said that Jel Doh agreed. Most of the mages believed this story and unified against Jel Doh. They claimed him as a traitor and tried to kill him, but even their powers combined couldn't stop the master. He didn't slay them, but decided to leave.

Feeling abused by this evil plot, Jel Doh packed his books, took the students that still trusted him and sailed south-east to Avien. There he went straight to Inshala - a land guarded by mighty paladins that could believe the words of their alike. The king of Armadon listened to his story about the Vizjerei plot and agreed that only a fool would believe the words of the false witness. He offered Jel Doh to go to the city of Aurian high in the Grayrock mountain, where he should remain hidden from the ones who decide to pursue him. And so, the master and his students settled in Aurian and he started to teach them.

As before, Jel Doh found that students have difficulties to comprehend his teaching. He wondered if the reason was in him or in the students. After a deep reflection, he decided that his doctrine has missing parts. So he started to search other magi masters to help him. The king of Armadon told Jel Doh about one man - a hermit that lives on top of the Grayrock Mountain. The place called World Top. The man's name was Convuparius. Once a powerful mage, an excellent scholar and philosopher, this man had served the king as his counsellor. But one day he decided to leave the kingdom and lead a life away from civilisation. No one knew why he decided so. The king advised Jel Doh to go see this man and maybe he could find the answers on how to find the missing pieces of his doctrine.

When Jel Doh met the old hermit, he was surprised by his intelligence and the way he used to speak - always making man think twice before answer. The Philosopher put him to a test. He asked him about his idea of meaning of existence, the source of all living things, the balance between Good and Evil and where does exactly is his place in all that picture. Jel Doh answered sincerely and Convuparius liked his words. The test was passed and the hermit mage agreed to help him in his task. Years passed and the missing parts of Jel Doh's doctrine were finally found. The books they wrote helped the students learn better and achieve mastery.

With time the master's students become as powerful as he is and even more. They founded the Aurian Mage order based upon the holy force and magic spells, and the magi unified with the paladins of Inshala.

These powerful allies now protect the country and their glory echoes through the ages.

The Flag of Inshala and Aurian[edit source]

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Since the Paladins of Inshala and the Aurian Magi unified, Jel Doh and his students proposed a new flag for the country of Inshala. People liked the idea and changed the flag with the new one.

The ring and the seven stars are the symbol of the skies and Heavens that watch over people. The sword and the shield are the symbols of the power of the Paladins of Inshala. The sun in the shield is the symbol of the Aurian Mage order.

Class Design[edit source]

The Aurian Mage idea was an expected project of me /Veskin7 Bukito/ and it came after I almost completed the Fanmade:Dragon Warrior.

Aurian Magi are Casters that possess many spells with Holy power. They also use the forces of Nature - Fire, Lightning and Ice, and some other nature spells. Every power has its other side - that's the Shadow force that the magi possess - basicly spells that steal life and mana. Aurian Magi also use some magical skills like Energy Blades, Sword Of Light, Shadow Blades and Dark Sword - blades made of energy that are used for melee combat.

Usually these magi wear light armor, but their founder was previously a paladin, so after they unified with the paladins of Inshala, they were taught to wear heavy armor with no problems, yet wearing too much metal sometimes disturbs their spells. They prefer circlets and special helms for their head. Typical parts of their wear are the wide silver shoulder armor plates. A main magical attribute of them are the metal gauntlets, but they can also use orbs and scepters.

Attributes and Skills[edit source]

Attributes[edit source]

Starting Attributes[edit source]

Attribute Increase Per Level[edit source]

Aurian Mage skills[edit source]

The Aurian Mage's skills are arranged into to three distinctive skill tree categories:

All three trees have a combination of active and passive skills. Active skills are used in combat, while the passive skills boost or change the behaviour of the active skills.

Holy Power Skills[edit source]

The Holy Power tree skills are the true power of the Aurian Mage. They are presented by some skills designed especially for undead enemies and demons, some summoning skills and some special holy powers. They also include some melee skills.

Combining his natural holy power with the Vizjerei magic, Jel Doh discovered many new abilities. He learned how to call mystical creatures form heavens to aid him in battle. He also found a way to neutralize the anomaly of undead creatures and banishing demons. The source of this holy force are positive feelings and emotions like compassion, devotion, love and mercy.

Nature Forces Skills[edit source]

The Nature Forces tree skills are the abilities of controlling the forces of Nature - Fire, Lightning and Ice, and also some other like Wind Form, Call Pixies and Flowers Of Sleep. Aslo contains some masteries /passive/.

Being a paladin gave Jel Doh a big advantage when learning on how to control the forces of Nature. The equal origin of both Nature and Holy force made his elemental spells much more powerful than usual. He even managed to gain control over some forest creatures. The source of this power lies in every mage's body and soul and is supported by his will.

Shadow Spells Skills[edit source]

The Shadow Spells tree skills are the other side of the Aurian Mage's force. They are presented by dark spells that steal mana and life, and some other effects on enemies. This is a dark path that you may follow or you can pick just a few of these spells in order to be something in the middle between holy and dark spells.

In the process of crafting his holy spells Jel Doh found out that every coin has two sides. Unlike the pure Holy force, the magic supported by negative feelings and emotions like hatred, detestation, rage and anger was easier to summon, but some times at a cost. Just to keep the balance between this two sides, the mage master described these spells too. He called them Shadow spells, because their nature used to remain hidden in the shadow of the holy power of each Aurian mage.

Development[edit source]

The page was first edited in October 18th 2009. I invented 35 of the Aurian Mage skills for one night which is my personal record. All the 54 skills were invented for 5 days. Today I edited the Background. When I have more time I will add the skills.

October 19th 2009: Changed the name Cabraxis with Run Azar to avoid plagiarism. Cabraxis is an existing name in one of the Diablo books by Mel Odom.

October 20th 2009: Edited the description of the skill trees. Will add the skills when I have time.

October 23th 2009: Added Pictures in the Media tab.

October 25th 2009: Added some skills in the Holy Power skill tree. Aslo edited the Class Design and corrected the last part of the Background. Will add more skills when I have time.

October 28th 2009: Added one more skill to the Holy Power skill tree and corrected the other skills. Didn't have more time to add more skills, but they are all in my mind, invented to the last one, so don't worry. I'll add them soon.

October 31th 2009: Happy Helloween! Added one more picture of the Aurian Mage /one of the best so far/ and aslo added the flag of Inshala and Aurian. Will add some skills tomorrow.

November 2nd 2009 /00:12hours/: Added some skills to the Holy Power skill tree. 20:24 hours - Added two more skills in the Holy Power skill tree.

November 3rd 2009: Completed the Holy Power skill tree and added two skills in the Nature Forces skill tree. Will add more soon.

November 5th 2009: Added some more skills in the Nature Forces skill tree.

November 6th 2009: Added more skills in the Nature Forces skill tree.

November 12th 2009: Changed some skill description in order to make things right. Aslo completed the Nature Forces skill tree. Next step - Shadow Spells skill tree.

November 16th 2009: Added the first three Shadow Spells. Same day later: added more spells and edited one Holy Power spell for avoiding plagiarism from Star Craft.

November 17th 2009: Added some more skills in the Shadow Spells tree. Same day later: Finished the Shadow Spells skill tree. Also edited some skills from the Holy Power skill tree.

February 24th 2010: Added some text in the section of Run Azar. Also added the option to controll Called Angels. Intent to change the Background story and remove the Dragon part, so there's no any similarity to World Of Warcraft. Will invent something else soon.

Same day later: done what I intended and corrected some text in Class Design.

June 30th 2010: Added an option to attach Shadow Prison to allies (Shadow Spells Skill Tree).

July 1st 2010: Added some text on the main page - Skill Trees Descriptions.

July 3th 2010: Upgraded Energy Blades and Sword of Light from the Holy Power Skill Tree, and Shadow Blades and Dark Sword from the Shadow Spells Skill Tree. Now they have a little multiple effect.

July 4th 2010: Added one more sentence to the description of Energy Blades from the Holy Power Skill Tree and Shadow Blades from the Shadow Spells Skill Tree. This was needed for the reader to imagine them better. Will also add a picture soon. Also added one restriction to Shield of Light from the Holy Power Skill Tree that I had missed to type.

July 5th 2010: Changed Sword of Light from the Holy Power Skill Tree - now it is Scepter of Light. Also Changed Dark Sword from the Shadow Spells Skill Tree - now it is Dark Scepter. I did this to avoid any similarity to Star Wars (jedi knight swords).

July 15th 2010: Changed the attack speed of Scepter of Light and Dark Scepter. Now it's Fast.

January 27th 2012 I'm back! It's good to be back. Made a general change to Aurian Mage skills, added some improvements and balance to selected spells, also renamed some of them. I hope you like changes.

Media[edit source]

You can find pictures in the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery:

References[edit source]

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions to Veskin7 Bukito's Fan Classes and Monsters by sending him an E-mail to [email protected]