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The Telepath is a class of character that uses mainly his mind to fight and defend himself. The telepath spent much time studying many different forms of combat and skills. Using a variety of techniques the telepath can be a highly efficient melee, caster, or ranged character.

Stub sm.jpg The Telepath is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:

Diablo III Class [e]
Female Telepath
Role: Non-Specific
Primary Attributes: Intellect
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Sanctuary
Affiliation: No Affiliation
Friends: Many
Foes: None Known

Background[edit source]

His story takes place 10 years prior to the destruction of the Worldstone. This youth was born of a poor family in a village due East of the Monastery. His family had no education nor did his village have the means to provide one. Even so the boy was very intelligent. At a young age he learned to speak before his peers and developed a great understanding of the common languages of that region. The boy didn’t know it at the time but he had gifts the world had never seen the likes of before. He was born with the gift of telepathy. Before he reached an age of understanding his village came under attack by the forces of evil. His family was forced to flee to the mountains and hide there until help came. Not soon after the attack an Assassin was scouting the area for defiled lands to cleanse of the evil. Helping the people to reclaim their village the assassin noticed an aura about the boy. She took him to be trained in the arts of the Viz-Jaq'taar. As he grew older he developed a greater understanding of his powers. He grew to the point of outstripping the Assassins in his telepathy. Although the boy was in good physical condition he failed to see the point of using physical force, martial arts, and enchantment to fight. He believed that the power of the mind was far greater than any force yet discovered by man. He left his Viz-Jaq'taar teachers and went on to study a more telepathic style of discipline, one based on meditation of his psychic abilities bred with combat using force of mind not body. He crossed paths with many great learned people and sought out other disciplines that would help him develop his unique gift. When the new evil arose in world of sanctuary he started his quest for redemption to save the world from the onslaught of evil.

Character Design[edit source]

As a means of training the telepath walks and runs nowhere, he either teleports or carries himself giving those around him the sense that he is floating or flying depending on the speed at which he is traveling. He is not a strong melee fighter in practice though still fairly proficient in hand to hand combat. When augmented the telepath becomes a formidable melee opponent with strength said to rival even that of the great Barbarian King Bul-Kathos. This character is sort of a cross between a sorceress and an assassin but more a middle between them rather than a combination of the two.

Attributes and Skills[edit source]

Telepathy[edit source]

This tree is comprised of the telepath’s attack and defensive abilities.

  • Telekinesis: allows the user to pick up and move objects with his mind. All objects that are destructible can be picked up and placed or thrown elsewhere. Doing this allows for ranged attack or placing objects as a barrier that enemies would need to break through. This skill was picked up during his studies with the Vizjerei.
  • Blade Shield: makes a telekinetic weave of sharp objects that do damage to nearby attackers. This weave expandable and stackable based on skill level in it. This is one of the many attacks he learned from the Viz-Jaq'taar.
  • Teleportation: the telepath has the ability to take their body and relocate it to a different area.
  • Pulse: is a telekinetic pulse that hits multiple enemies in the direction of the attack. It will stop forward progression momentarily.
  • Burst: a much more powerful pulse of telekinetic energy that stops forward progression and can stun some enemies.
  • Blast: the highest damaging form of pulsed telekinetic energy that can tear apart weaker enemies and will always stun those it hits. It uses so much mental power that it requires time before it can be reused.
  • Explosion: causes a telekinetic blast that damages attackers in a circle around the user. Extra physical damage can be added if blade shield is enabled first.
  • Implosion: sucks nearby enemies inward and then blasts them outward for greater damage then explosion
  • Annihilation: similar to a modern day nuclear explosion, the enemies at a smaller range get knocked backwards, sucked inwards, and thrown up and outwards and then anything within the greater range get blown backwards with great force. This attack uses so much mental power that it requires time before it can be reused.
  • Freeze: telekinetically holds an enemy or a group of enemies in one spot making them susceptible to ranged attacks.
  • Telekinetic Hammer: smashes an attacker in the head with a psychic force that stuns it for a few seconds as well as knocks it down. At higher levels is able to stun larger attackers and instantly kill smaller ones by crushing their skull.
  • Mind Blast: Ripples the ground with psychic power causing attackers to slow their forward progression, confuse some, and knock down others.

Psychics[edit source]

This tree is comprised of the telepath’s crowd control abilities.

  • Mind control: takes control of a weak minded enemy for scouting and attacking other enemies.
  • Reality Warp: changes the environment around the telepath to increase psychic damage and decrease enemy damage.
  • Cloak: a skill that allows the telepath to become virtually invisible to all around him by controlling the mind of his enemies.
  • Foresight: a counter attack where the user foresees the attack and counters it psychically. While studying the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye he developed this ability as well as a few other ancient Eastern abilities.
  • Confusion: confuses a group of enemies making them unresponsive to their surroundings.
  • Illusion: creates illusions of oneself as decoys for attacks by controlling the mind of his enemies, decoys have the misapprehension of attacking but do no damage.
  • Mind Split: advanced telepaths have the ability to divide their mind allowing them to think and act in 2 or more different places at once. The more splits the user creates the weaker the splits are. This ability requires concentration and meditation and is a lengthy process. If the telepath loses concentration the manifestation will rejoin with his mind and disappear.
  • Force Field: puts up a force field where the user wishes making enemies unable to enter or exit it for a period of time without breaking the field
  • Barrier: creates a wall that can be passed through by the telepath and his attack.
  • Mind Shield: is a shield of psychic energy that absorbs and can deflect attacks from the user

Contemplation[edit source]

This tree is comprised of the telepath’s training and contemplation on the skills he already is attuned to.

  • Meditation: increases the length and strength of all psychic abilities and increases mental regeneration. This is required for most of the higher powered skills
  • Concentration: increases all telekinetic abilities. This is required for most of the higher powered skills
  • Regeneration: while studying with the Kehjistan the telepath learned of the ability to regenerate ones health.
  • Physical Augmentation: this skill telekinetically enables the user to wear heavier armor, use heavier weapons, and do more physical damage.
  • Mind Augmentation: this skill enables the user to use his telekinetic and psychic abilities better and more often allowing for higher damage telekinetic attacks.
  • Soul Augmentation: the greatest of the augmentation is that which is given to humanity by the angels, when augmenting the soul one’s ability to take damage is increased. Clothed in spiritual armor what is there to fear? This skill he learned from the Horadrim.

Development[edit source]

The Telepath was first posted 29 August 2009 by Quis Ut Deus on the forums.

Notes[edit source]

The site design was borrowed from the Arcane Warrior fan class because it was the closest html I could find that fit the way I wanted it to look. I posted this in conjunction with

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