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Stub sm.jpg The Techpriest is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:
    Adigael and Zien

The Techpriest is a medium to long ranged character. Its rather limited on weapon choices, as it is only able to use one handed swords, one handed maces and daggers. His attacks are based on the different tech body parts it has.

Background[edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
Role: L-Ranged DPS/ M-Ranged DPS
Primary Attributes: Dexterity/Willpower
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Friends: None
Foes: None

He was the newcomer who wanted to be immortalized in legend. He was one of many who wished for glory in this tainted world. He knew there were no easy paths to walk, only hard fights to survive.

Yet, he was unique. He had something none other had: a heart. Pure as one may be, holy by right, and with a saint soul. He believed in what was right. And so, he rushed at his enemies for righteousness.

But fate does not help those who are pure. It curses them. It pierces their pure hearts with poisoned arrows from unknown wretched archers, with a simple lucky shot.

There he lied. The pure hearted warrior had fallen. His demise went unworthy and with no meaning. His glorious corpse left there to rot, to become unrecognizable. He was one of many who had lived and fallen.

Hope, however, comes in the most peculiar ways. One dark silhouette lurks and watches. It is interested. It is curious. It is amazed at this one’s pure heart. It thinks this one deserves another chance. It picks up the body, raises it as high as it can, and carries it away from this unwanted grave.

The dark silhouette brought the body to some unknown chambers. It had the weirdest ornamentations, and the most unusual equipments hanged on the walls. Tables full of engineering tools, and crafted pieces. This was something unthinkable to even exist. This was far more than some mere blacksmithing talent of production. This was something not human.

For days the silhouette dwelled with the body and the parts. It spent all its time attaching devices of the most inhumane shapes in it, covering wounds with metal plates and rearranging the gear.

It was finished. It was not human. It was a corpse with a new inorganically life. It was perfect. The dark silhouette was proud of its creation, yet it did not have life. The silhouette wandered across the chambers, in hope of discovering something that could be useful. He looked at the operating table. Something caught its eye and its attention. The answer to his problem was right in front of its eyes. How could a body live, if it had no heart?

The dark silhouette grabbed the heart, the pure heart, and inserted it on the body. It waited patiently. A few minutes passed, and suddenly, a sudden beating, a beating so weak, almost undetectable. Yet the dark silhouette noticed it, and it was enjoying it.

The beating grew stronger every minute. And finally, at its full beating, the body reacted. Movement was seen on the corpse, as it reacted to the pure heart. It was alive.

Soon enough, it awakened. The body was confused. It did not know where it was, and it did not know who it was. It knew nothing. Yet as it started observing its environment, soon came the dark silhouette, proud of its achievement. It gently patted it, on the shoulder. “You were once fallen. You are now raised, again.”

The body looks up to the dark silhouette. It cannot distinguish a mouth, neither a face. Yet once it gets ready to speak, it realizes the lack of tact on his entire body. It can no longer feel it, as it doesn’t have skin. It quickly looks to its hands. They were not there. Instead, there were peculiar claws, metallic, with a weird shape.

Frightened, it panics.

“What am I?! What have you done to me?!”

The dark silhouette is assertive.

“You are perfect. The most powerful weapon one can have is one’s self. You were strong, yet you perished. Now you have become stronger. Now, you are one’s weapon.”

The body looks around, for any reflection. It finds a water bucket. It rushes to it and looks to its distorted image. While the body gazes upon its face, the dark silhouette gets closer and whispered.

“Need not to worry about your appearance. You are reborn. You are the new world. You are the technology!”

The body starts to scream in panic. The desperation is far greater than one would expect. It tries to cry, yet no tears drop from its eye. Its mouth goes numb. Its feelings get distorted. It does not believe in what it has become.

The dark silhouette gets closer.

“Need not to worry now. You are complete. You are perfect. Now, rise!”

The body gets up and looks in the silhouette’s direction. It knows now what it feels. It is anger. It is wrath. The body now realizes what it has become. It closes its eye and said.

“Get away from me. Get away from me!”

The body raised its metallic claw and struck mercilessly the dark silhouette. It flew across the chambers and into a wall it was crushed. A faint word could be heard from the silhouette’s crushed body.


It lied there, dead, killed by its own creation. The body it admired and built up into a machine, the one he chose to make perfection betrayed him.

The body wandered around the chambers, in desperate state, searching for the exit. It found a wooden door leading to a long hallway that had a stairway at the end. It quickly rushed across the hallway and up the stairs, in hope of finding its way out o that insane place.

There was a door. It forced it open and light blinded him. Long was the time that his eye had seen the daylight. It ran. As fast as he could, it crossed valleys, and followed down rivers, in hope of finding salvation.

A couple of days passed, when it finally found a sign of hope. But this hope was not desirable at all. A Village, tainted by war and destruction, was deserted. Countless were the bodies lying on the floor. There was nothing it could do, but somehow, those twisted sights were not hurtful. They did not maim it. Instead, they aroused him. He felt anxious, and wishing for blood.

The pure heart started to pump faster. It was hurting. The glory it once desired was now forgotten and replaced with bloodlust. It was now replaced with the desire to kill.

Still, it was confused. Too much had happened in so little time. It repressed that wish for a while, and started to wander around the deserted town.

It came across a slaughtered and chained priest. It was pitiful. It was meaningless. The humane representation of all that is good and righteous lied there, weak and useless.

It picked up the dead priest and stripped it from his clothes. It threw the priest away like garbage and wore his clothing. Yet it could not hide its face, reflected in the blood spilled all over the ground.

One final look at it, and the body started gazing upon his claws. They were rather unusual, but it could feel the power. It was enjoying it. It was admiring the strength one had. Soon did it realize the power it now holds in him, in this perfect body.

So it wandered across the lands and the devastated fields, searching for what he believed could be answers. He was something uncommon in this world. It liked it. It wanted power, and to achieve it, it would have to search for it. And so he did.

Attributes and Skills[edit source]

Attributes[edit source]

Starting Attributes[edit source]

Attribute Increase Per Level[edit source]

Techpriest Skills[edit source]

The Techpriest skills are arranged into to three distinctive skill tree categories:

All three trees have a combination of active and passive skills. Active skills are used in combat, while the passive skills boost or change the behaviour of the active skills.

Technology Skills[edit source]

The Technology tree skills specialize in the development of advanced body parts, such as incorporated energy cannons, trap setting devices, etc.

Robotics Skills[edit source]

The Robotics tree skills specializes in the development of different body structures, in order to adapt to new combat stances, and more effective ones.

Enhancement Skills[edit source]

The Enhancement tree skills specialize in the upgrading performance of the mechanic body, in order to perform more effective attacks with the body parts.

Development[edit source]

This class was developed after a chat with a friend, who designed the techpriest. I got inspired and decided to write it down here. However, this character may not fit the storyline of the game, as it involves a new setting in the game's style,as it introduces the "technology" into a magic styled game. Still it's a good reference and it deserves to be noticed.

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