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Born in the heart of the desert, forged by its burning sun and mixed with its rough sands, fights the demons under guidance from the spirits of the desert elders.

Stub sm.jpg The Nomad is not an official class: It's a fan class. Author(s) of the article are:

Background[edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
The Nomad.jpg
The Nomad
Bosshead.png Fan-made Class Bosshead.png
Role: Melee/Ranged Hybrid
Primary Attributes: Dexterity/Strength/Willpower
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Deserts on the out skirts of Lut_Gholein
Affiliation: Nomads, Desert Elders Spirits
Friends: Barbarians
Foes: Demons / Assassins

Male Nomad Background story[edit source]

Before the day the Wanderer passed through the deserts of Lut Gholein the Nomad was a 15 year's old young man living and training to be a nomadic warrior in his desert tribe, being the son of the tribe leader he was chosen to go through disciplinary harsh training and never had the chance to play with other kids in his age, and while he hated that he also loved his family and wanted to please his father, so he chose to withstand that harsh training by his strict master to whatever extents in might go.

And upon one day after returning from his hunting training with his master (which lasted for three full days) he was shocked by the sight of his village, chaos ... blood .. fire ... screams .. demons, it was an unbelievable and nightmarish sight to him, everything he worked hard for, everything dear to him that he wanted to protect was being destroyed and ravished very violently right in front of his eyes, his master yelled at him to snap out of it and try to save what he can before everything is over.

They both headed towards the village with extreme haste killing demons left and right on their way, until they reached the middle of the village and saw the horrifying sight of a cloaked guy spawning demons in all directions while screaming in agony, and before they could attack him the young boy's father appeared from the other end of the village rushing towards that mysterious cloaked person killing demons with his sword valiantly and before they could even move he attacked and bravely stabbed the mysterious cloaked figure ... only to get very violently repelled and his body shredded to pieces by an unseen force.

The young warrior screamed his father's name in grief, blinded by sadness and anger he wanted to attack that figure but his master gripped him from his wrist violently and punched him in the face throwing him to the ground before yelling at him like he never did before "LISTEN TO ME, you shall leave right now, this is something so evil and like nothing we seen before, no matter what you do you won't be able to kill it, don't waste your life here, try to save as many s you can and flee, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME !!! ... GO ... RUN .. GO NOW !!!"

In front of his master's rage (which he couldn't face) he got up and started moving away from the center of the village, but for a moment her turned around only to see his master being overwhelmed by the endless flood of demons spawning from the cloaked figure's body, he hesitated for a second wanting to go back and help his master but seeing other innocent people from his village in danger and being cornered by lesser demons he chose to listen to his master and rushed to fight those demons and to help his people escape the hell his village has become, but with no walls to protect them and no outside help to rescue them they fought bravely but in the end failed to stop the nonstop onslaught of the wicked demons the wanderer spawned, and the survivors scattered aimlessly under the burning suns of the desert.

Alone, stranded and on the verge of death the Nomad thought it was all over, until he saw what he thought to be a mirage, a near-death hallucination, but it was neither, what he saw was as real as the sands of the desert around it ... a half-hidden entrance to an ancient underground temple, upon entering he found shelter, water and even fresh food, but before he overcame his surprise he heard a deep voice calling him from the inner most chamber of the temple, going there he entered the room which the deep voice was coming from .. An empty vast room it was and its huge walls had murals telling long lost tales, upon entering he clearly heard the voice saying.

"Welcome young warrior, be at ease we mean you no harm ... but hear us well, for what you will be tasked with requires nothing less of a clear mind, a fearless heart and a strong body ... listen and know that we the spirits of the desert elders shall bestow upon you a power long lost and forgotten, for the coming years will see the rise of an evil like the world never saw before, and you shall be ready when the time comes"

The Young man stood there in disbelief, before he asked them about that food and water he found and about that evil they spoke off and many other things on his mind, they told him that it was their water and food preserved by their once powerful magic for those who might find the temple one day.

They also told him that there are other temples out there the vast desert like this one in which they also can project themselves from the astral plane they are trapped in, they also told him that there are already other like himself who are preparing to fight that evil they warned him from (referencing the female nomad), after that they went on and started explaining their own origins and the nature of Diablo and his brothers to the young man, who slowly started realizing the burden we will have to handle and the extents he might have to go to face that infamous evil.

Male & Female Nomads

Female Nomad Background story[edit source]

Born into the strict Nomad Tribes that live in the deserts of Lut Gholein the female Nomad was burdened by the moral code of her tribe, there were so many rules that govern every move or action she makes .... "you mustn't go out to any nearby cities, you mustn't learn how to fight or hunt, you mustn't wear this or that, you mustn't laugh, you mustn't talk to anyone outside your family, you mustn't do this .. you mustn't do that!!!" .. that's all she could hear from her father since she was nine.

Upon her 15th birth date her father decided to marry her to and old rich trader from another nomad tribe to solve his financial problems, and the marriage was arranged to happen on the next full moon, her mother tried all she could to stop this but she couldn't, her husband's mind was set in stone and the village elders couldn't interfere.

In front of her daughter's tears and pleading she decided to take the most brave decision in her entire life, she decided to flee her tribe to save her daughter from that ill marriage even though she knows that this will denounce her and mark her and her daughters as traitors and wretched people.

Fleeing in the middle of the night she wandered the desert trying to use the trade routes map she stole from her husband's pouch to reach Lut Gholein and hide there, but due to her inexperience she got lost with her daughter in the middle of the desert.

And when she gave up wandering she decided to rest with her daughter and made a make-shift tent to shelter them, and soon they fell to sleep, only for the mother to awaken in the middle of the night by the horrors she couldn't foresee, it wasn't wolves nor was it bandits .. it was demons ... demons a mysterious cloaked figure along the horizon was spawning left and right while screaming in agony in the middle of the night desert.

The mother woke her daughter and and ran in fear and awe, she ran aimlessly in the middle of the desert cold night, she was too afraid to notice that the mysterious figure was the infamous Wanderer people tell horrific tales of nor that the direction in which he was heading was directly towards her tribe encampment.

In her fear and aimless running she stumbled upon a half buried temple entrance, seeking shelter from the demon spawns she saw minutes ago she ran inside without a second thought while holding her daughter with both arms and close to her chest as if she wanted to protect her from the whole world with every inch of her body, and once she entered the main hall of the dusty temple and for her surprise she heard a deep voices calling her from the inner most chamber of that temple, going there she entered the room which the deep voice was coming from .. An empty vast room it was and its huge walls had murals telling long lost tales, upon entering he clearly heard the voices saying.

"Fear us not young mother, for we mean you no harm, we are the spirits of a long dead and forgotten sect of elders, bound to this world by the power of the magic we practiced and awoken from our long slumber by the evil that has befallen the world, but we are afraid that with our current weak powers our reach can't extend outside this temple and for that we are glad you found us today young mother"

The mother asked them to protect her and her daughter, but the voices told her that they can't do anything without a human host for their powers, and that her daughter is a perfect candidate, if she chose to she can leave her daughter here knowing she will be safe and sheltered inside the temple until the time she is ready, she asked if they can take her instead by they told her that their training and tutoring takes too long specially with their current stat, so the host has to be young at the start of said training.

The mother seemed confused and not sure to trust them or not, but something said by one of the voices made her decide, that one voice told her that if she noticed were that evil figure she saw last night was heading, she couldn't think of any other meaning for this question, and her worst fears became true as one of voices confirmed her fears "yes, that accursed evil is heading towards your people young mother !!!!"

The mother gasped in fear and hugged her daughter even tighter, cause even though she fled her village with her daughter to protect her future she still cared for her people and loved them, she wanted to ask the spirits of the elders if they can do anything to help but she was afraid to anger them, for her surprise her daughter who was in her arms turned around while still in her mother's arms and asked the spirits bravely if they can do anything to help her father and village ... but they stayed silent for few moments before giving her the answer "sadly not now, not now at all we are afraid, we aren't prepared yet young one ... and for you to be ready, many moons have to pass and many sacrifices has to be made"

The mother stood there in deep thought before making another brave and almost crazy decision, she decided to leave her daughter there with the elder spirits and run back to the village to warn them of the evil heading towards them, the elders didn't try to stop her or encourage her, but rather accepted her choice with one word "so be it, so be it young mother, and know that if you want to reach your village head towards the direction of the moon and you will reach your village if you are fast enough, also know that your daughter will be safe and sheltered and that she one day after many moons will be a warrior to be reckoned with, a warrior able to face that evil and vanquish it"

The brave mother put her daughter down, bent over and kissed her on the forehead before leaving the temple running only for the temple gates to shut right behind her, she wiped her tears and looked towards the direction the elders told her to go .... and started running.

Class Design[edit source]

After 20 years of training the 35 years old Nomad became an expert with a multitude of weapons (Bows, 1h Throwing Spears, Daggers, Swords & Shields), and also gained a deep and cunning sense of observation and a vast knowledge bestowed upon him/her from the elders of the desert along with a long lost mystical power which he/she was trained to use, A power that commands the wild sand spirits of the desert to do his/her bidding and tear his/her enemies to shreds.

Personality[edit source]

Male Nomad:

Driven by a mix of duty and anger he want to vanquish all demons and avenge his tribe, he is noble at heart but his judgment sometimes is clouded by his intense emotions and the lack of contact with the outer world for the last 20 years made him a little uneasy around people, he just likes to be left alone, which gives him an enigmatic mysterious aura he never wanted to have, not to mention the fact that he heard about the killing of the Wandarer by the Barbarian made him both sad he couldn't kill him himself and also made him want to seek the famous Barbarian who slayed it to ask him about many things.

Female Nomad:

Driven by her wish to avenge her mother and prove to herself that she can be a proficient warrior (unlike what her people always said to her), she has also rebelled against all the strict code and rules set to her by her people, she chose to wear whatever clothes she likes no matter how people view her and also decided to travel the whole world of sanctuary fighting demons wherever they are ... adventurous, kindhearted and energetic but sometimes feels bitter sweet cause she remembers she is responsible for her mother's death (or so she thinks).

Weapons the Nomad excels at using[edit source]

  • Bows
  • Shields + 1h Swords
  • Shields + Daggers
  • Shields + Throwing Spears

Skills[edit source]

Skill Trees[edit source]

  • Nomadic Warrior (active and passive skills specializing in various weapons)
  • Sand Spirits (magic based sand attacks and traps)
  • Insight (Aided by the Elders and their knowledge the Nomad outperforms his enemies)

Explaining the Dependency links[edit source]

Here dependencies don't prevent you from using the skills in the higher tiers, for example you can still invest in Viper shot even if you didn't invest in Hawk or Wolf shot, but you will only be able to take it to level 5, taking it to level 10 would require investing 5 points in either Hawk shot or Wolf shot, and taking it to level 15 would require investing 10 points in both previous skills.

Dependancy level 1:In order to take any skill to level 10, 5 points must be invested in dependency linked skills above it.

Dependency level 2:In order to take any skill to lv 15, 10 points must be invested in dependency linked skills above it.

Dependency level 3:In order to take any skill to lv 20, 15 points must be invested in dependency linked skills above it.

Nomad Skill Trees

Nomadic Warrior[edit source]

Tier 1

1-Hawk Shot:

Active-(requires Bows) Arrow shot with the hawk spirit, its sharp precision damages enemy internal organs (+x% to Critical chance and +x% to Crit damage / lowers enemy attack speed by 40% / x% chance to reduce monster resistances by half)

2-Sharpened Edge:

Passive-(applies to daggers and 1h swords) sharpens and increases effect of edged weapons (melee damage increased by x% / melee attacking speed increased by x%)

3-Fierce Throw:

Active-(requires Thr.Spear) A very violent but slow spear throw that skewers the enemy body and fixates it into the earth for few moments (prevents enemy from moving for x seconds / does (x) damage over time to skewered enemy / enemy can still attack)

4-Shield Dash:

Active-(requires Shield) Nomad rushes forward for a distance with his shield up knocking enemies sideways, while also stunning and damaging them (Damage X [x is related to block chance of equipped shield] / +% Block amount / +% chance to stun enemies)

Tier 2

5-Shield Toss:

Active-(requires a Shield) Nomad throws shield at enemies, it arcs in the air hitting multiple enemies before coming back to him (x Damage [x is related to block chance of equipped shield]/ +X damage increase per enemy hit / Nomad actual Block Chance and amount are nullified during throw)

6-Swift Strikes:

Active-(requires daggers or 1h swords) Nomad spins one time in place damaging multiple enemies (Hits all enemies around Nomad with / +% chance to reduce enemy armor with every hit)


Passive-(applies to Bows, Thr.Spears) small Spikes are added to throwing weapons making them more lethal (+x% Critical chance and damage with arrows or Thr.spears/ +x% chance an enemy will take [X] damage over time to if it moves or attacks after being hit with arrows or Thr.spears)

8-Wolf Shot:

Active-(requires a Bow) Arrow shot with the spirit of the Wolf ... pierces enemies with extreme ferocity (Pierces enemies / +x% to Critical chance and +x% to Crit damage / x% chance to do double damage / Knocks enemy back)

Tier 3

9-Cripple Cut:

Active-(requires daggers or 1h swords) Nomad lunches an powerful attack that heavily damages the enemy legs (-x% to enemy movement speed / +x% to weapon damage / x% chance to Stun enemy)

10-Reflect Shield:

Passive-(requires Shield) Nomad uses shield to deflect ranged attacks (+x% chance to Block / x% chance to Reflect any ranged attacks back at attackers)

11-Art of Sealing:

Passive-(requires Bow or Thr.Spear) ranged weapons become more effective against enemy magic users (+15% to Critical chance / +20 Arcane damage [added to weapon damage])

Tier 4

12-Viper Shot:

Active-(requires a Bow) Arrow shot with the spirit of the viper, strikes enemies with an extremely lethal poison (+30 Poison Damage / +x% to Critical chance and +x% to Crit damage / x% chance to explode on contact creating poison fumes that stay for 10 sec)

13-Blades of justice:

Active/Buff-(requires daggers or 1h swords) Nomad focuses and draws strength from within to counter enemy attacks (Lasts 12 sec / during active time whenever attacked Nomad automatically counter attacks enemies with swift speed / counter attack does X2 weapon damage + 50% from enemy damage returned with every counter attack)

Sand Spirits[edit source]

Tier 1


Active/Buff - Nomad calls upon the desert spirits that follow him around and inflict drought upon his enemies (Lasts 10 sec and follows nomad around/ burn any enemies close by causing X fire damage / slows enemies movement by 30%)

2-Enchanted Sand:

Active/Trap - Nomad calls upon the enchanted sands of the desert to cripple his enemies (Creates a patch of enchanted sand that blinds enemies walking over it / absorbs mana by [2% of monster HP/1 sec] from every monster on patch/ Lasts 8 sec)

3-Sand Slash:

Active - Nomad calls upon a powerful sand spirit that slashes his enemies in an instant (40 damage / +extra damage = 60% of spell damage bonus / +X% chance to Crit / +X to Crit damage /X chance to hit 3 adjacent enemies)

4-Sand Coat:

Passive - A gentle vortex of sand engulfs the Nomad and protects him all the time (Vortex reduces damage from magic and ranged attacks by 15% / +18% to block amount)

Tier 2

5-Quick Sand:

Active/Trap - Nomad calls upon the quick sands of the desert to stop and devour his enemies (Quick sand slows enemies above it by 60% / X damage over time / +extra damage = +30% of spell damage bonus / Lasts 8 sec)

6-Blessed Dunes:

Active/stationary buff - Nomad creates a patch of sand that increases the Attack and defense of himself and his allies (Dunes patch lasts for 5 sec / gives +x% to Physical damage/ +x% to Physical damage reduction / +x% to Armor)

7-Burning Sand:

Active/Trap - Nomad calls upon the scorching sands of the desert to burn and weaken his enemies (Scorching sands reduce armor and resistances of enemies above it by 25% / 35/sec fire damage over time / +extra damage = 60% of spell damage bonus / Lasts 4 sec)

8-Sand Spikes:

Active - Spikes of sand erupts violently from below the enemies to shred them apart (X spikes erupt causing x damage each/ Spikes has 60% chance to knock back enemy / +extra damage = +80% of spell damage bonus)

Tier 3

9-Deadly Mirage:

Active/buff - With help from the desert spirits the Nomad tricks his enemies and vanquishes them (When Mirage is active if Nomad is attacked with Melee/magic/ranged he turns into sand then vanishes like a mirage and reappears behind the attacker / after reappearing Nomad instantly delivers a powerful kick doing damage to that enemy [X + 50% of DEX] / Kick knocks back / Mirage buff lasts for 4 sec)


Active/stationary buff - Nomad creates a large patch of sand that heals and invigorates him and his allies (Oasis patch lasts for 8 sec / gives +x% to life regen / +x% to Mana Regen / +x% to Health globe bonus / +x% potion bonus)

11-Sand Tornado:

Active - The Nomad calls upon a very violent sand tornado that lifts the enemies up and damages them (Tornado lifts up X enemies / X damage to lifted enemy over time / Tornado lasts for 15 sec / +extra damage = +120% of spell damage bonus)

Tier 4

12-Wrath of the Desert: Passive - When Nomad is in Mortal Danger that spirits of the desert surround him and become even more fierce (20% of damage inflicted upon the Nomad is returned to melee or ranged attackers / spell damage bonus increases by +50% / +25% to damage reduction)

13-Sand warriors: Active - Nomad calls upon the desert warrior spirits themselves to fight by his side (Summons 3 sand warriors / sand warriors last for 25 sec / sand warriors attack melee - Slow moving - slow attack / armor = 180% of Nomad base armor / Damage = x + 50% of Nomad physical damage bonus / HP = 80% of Nomad life)

Insight[edit source]

Tier 1

1-Quicker Steps:

Passive - Nomad uses his agility to gain the upper hand in combat (+25% to movement speed [FRW] / +15% to Dex)


Active/buff - Nomad focuses to invigorate his mind and Body (+x% of DEX added to Willpower / +x% of DEX added to VIT / Lasts 10 sec)

3-Elder of Bestowal:

Active - Nomad calls upon the Elder of Bestowal which aids the Nomad (Elder spirit lasts for 10 sec / Elder spirits roams the battle field collecting Health Globes for the nomad / Gives +20% of HP restored as Mana to the Nomad)


Passive/Buff - Nomad uses his reflexes and flexibility to avoid further damage (The Nomad gains +5% chance to Dodge With every successive hit he receives from enemies/ Max bonus is +30%/ buff-bonus lasts 4 sec after getting hit)

Tier 2


Passive - Knowledge about Potions and alchemy make the Nomad able to maximize their potential to survive (+X life from potions and Healing globes / +X% chance to fully restore Mana upon using a Health Globe)

6-Elder of Wisdom:

Active/Buff - the Nomad calls the Elder of knowledge who taught him, maximizes his magic potential (X% Mana cost reduction / +X% to all magic attacks / +x to Wisdom/ lasts for 12 sec)

7-Rapid Power:

Passive - Using his power the Nomad gains the even more raw speed (Every 10 points in STR increases DEX by +5%)

8-Songs of Bravery:

Active/buff - Nomad recalls the bravery songs of his tribe and raises his and his allies combat spirit greatly (Lasts 8 sec/ +x% to physical damage / +x% to spell damage / +x% to attacks per sec)

Tier 3

9-Total Control:

Active/Buff - the Nomad focused deeply to Gain full control of his body and spirit (Lasts 9 sec / Reduces all negative buffs duration to 3 sec / +10% to all resistances)

10-Elder of Isolation:

Active - Nomad calls upon an Elder spirit to seal away a group of enemies in a sphere of light temporarily (Seals all enemies in targeted area away for x sec / sealed enemies can't move, attack or be attacked)

11-Elder of War:

Active - Nomad calls for the Elder of war who helps him damage his enemies much more effectively (Lasts 12 sec / +30% to physical Damage / +15% Crit Damage / +20% to Critical Chance / Every successful Crit gives the next attack +10% to be a Crit)

Tier 4


Active/buff - Using the his sharp senses and survival experience the Nomad survives against unbelievable odds (Lasts 20 sec / Increases Block chance by x% / increases Dodge by x% / Upon reaching 20% of HP all previous bonuses are increased by 170%)

13-The Elders:

Active - Nomad calls upon the spirits of the Elders that accompany and protect him (Summons 4 Elder spirits that walk with the Nomad and stay for 30 sec / Spirits Knock Back enemies away from the Nomad with 45% chance to Blind them / Knocked back enemy replenishes +30 mana to the Nomad / Spirits Can't be attacked and their Knock back attack doesn't do damage / using any of the other "elder skills" dispels this one)

Examples of Skills with Skill Runes[edit source]

Expected Rune Types[edit source]

Multi-Rune:Multiplies the skill effect depending on the rune level.

Power Rune:Adds different damage effects or lengthens skill duration (resulting in more Damage).

Efficiency Rune:Makes using a skill more frequently or more often an easy task.

Unique Rune:Adds a unique one-of-a-kind twist to any active skill, effect completely different with each skill.

1-Hawk Shot: Active-(requires Bows) Arrow shot with the hawk spirit, its sharp precision damages enemy internal organs (+x% to Critical chance and +x% to Crit damage / lowers enemy attack speed by 40% / x% chance to reduce monster resistances by half)

-With Multi-Rune: Arrow splits into (x) arrows

-With Power Rune: X% chance to stun enemy / +10% to Crit Chance & Dmg

-With Efficiency Rune: Faster Casting rate (and) less cost (or) less cool down

-With Unique Rune: Arrow Tracks Target

2-Fierce Throw: Active-(requires Thr.Spear) A very violent but slow spear throw that pierces and skewers the enemy body fixating it into the earth for few moments (prevents enemy from moving for x seconds / does (x) damage over time to skewered enemy / enemy can still attack)

-With Multi-Rune: Thr.Spear splits into (x) spears

-With Power Rune: Spear explodes doing (40) AoE fire damage after (x) sec from piercing enemy.

-With Efficiency Rune: Faster Casting rate (and) less cost (or) less cool down

-With Unique Rune: Nomad uses a magical Chain connected to spear to pull enemies closer after piercing them.

3-Shield Dash: Active-(requires Shield) Nomad rushes forward for a short distance with his shield up knocking enemies sideways, while also stunning and damaging them (Damage X [x is related to block chance of equipped shield] / +% Block amount / +% chance to stun enemies)

-With Multi-Rune: Nomad can change direction multiple times (via mouse clicks).

-With Power Rune: Knock back effect x2 and a single Dash distance is 4 times longer.

-With Efficiency Rune: Faster Casting rate (and) less cost (or) less cool down

-With Unique Rune: Nomad Dashes so fast he becomes a ghostly figure, enables Nomad to dash right through enemies while also being invincible during the dash.

Development[edit source]

-This is the first fan class i ever made, i first posted it here on Diablowiki on 11-11-2009 but I had been working on it for three months prior to that date (concept, skills and art), i have also suggested the concept several times on some threads on the forums as a candidate for "possible fifth class" under the name of "Raider", but it was just a simple outline not as detailed as the "Nomad" who serves the same role.

-Second Update Batch on 26-11-2009, Female Nomad backstory told and an art piece was added to the gallery showing the male and female Nomads starting gear (i.e naked with no extra gear worn), plus an update explaining the dependency in the Nomad Skill Trees and examples of skills with skill runes.

Further upgrades and updates will be made if possible including and not limited to (altering/removing/adding skills, adding skill rune effects, adding more art, .... etc etc).

Media[edit source]