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Chronicles Of The Dark Library is a fan fiction piece by Holyknight3000, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. This fan fiction began in the Fan Fiction watch as The Dark Library and began in 2010. This is the companion Fan fiction that goes along-side the news posts and began on February 20, 2011.

About the Story Chronicles Of The Dark Library[edit source]

Comments by the Author, Holyknight3000:

This story began as an idea with the fan fiction watch donning the name of the long lost Dark Library. With a suggestion from Leord this story began to form a life of its own as I created a character that was a synonym of my own name. Thus making it easier for me to write it in 1st person. I loved writing in 1st person much more than 3rd person. It gave me more freedom to think like I was the main character and the audience would see what he was thinking.

This concept of these watches grew to be a fan fiction in their own right as I would present my character as the Curator of the library and would showcase new and old stories and lore. All the while the staff of the library were helping restore as much as they could of the library's lost assets.

The archivist concept partially came from the april fools joke and from me using to help me find lost fan fiction. So he became the embodiment of these two things. But there was to be much more for this character in time.

What the future holds for Kristof and his friends you will see in time. So please enjoy Chronicles as much as I have while I built it.

--Holyknight3000, 20 February, 2011