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The Divine Skill Tree is a fan skill tree designed for the Untainted. It is designed to be a healing/damage tree. Meant to heal the players in the party and deal damage to enemy targets.

Divine Nova[edit source]

Does an explosion around the player doing damage to enemies while healing party members.

Call of Light[edit source]

Summons a beam of light down upon the target. Healing a player and damaging enemies.

Fist of Righteousness[edit source]

A melee attack that the player charges light in their hands and punches the target burning them causing fire damage.

Rod of Judgement[edit source]

The Untained forms a bow staff out of the power of light unleashing a barrage of attacks at a group of enemies in a designated area around the player.

Will of Khalim[edit source]

Cleanses all debuff effects off players in the party.

Prayer of Khalim[edit source]

Infuses the Untained with a shroud of light and gives the player a brief amount of armor.

Mind of Khalim[edit source]

A spell that has a 10 second cast that allows the untained to channel spirit.

Vision of Khalim[edit source]

Allows the untainted the ability to see stealthed monsters or players.

Heart of Khalim[edit source]

Allows the player to use what little spirit they have left to quickly to gain full health.

Divine Aura[edit source]

Every attack done to the player 2% damage done will instead heal the player.

Sacred Shield of the Zakarum[edit source]

For a brief time the player can cast a bubble on themselves cleansing themselves of any debuffs and cannot be harmed for 10 seconds.

Armor of the Light[edit source]

The next step above the Prayer of Khalim. This will give the untained an armor buff that will slowly fall off with each attack allowing the player to handle large groups for a brief time.

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