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Softshack, sometimes also known as Hardcastle, is a well known Diablo 3 community Fan Artist in the Diablo fan art community.

Background[edit | edit source]

Softshack first entered the Diablo fan art scene in late August 2008 when he entered and won the fan art contest on[1] with his female Barbarian painting. He had previously created the "Barbarian Girl" on a Nintendo DS as a part of the DS Colors [2] community.

The next major contribution was after the Unburied was announced [3] in February 2009. Softshack released a fan art painting of it which also was included in the Fan Art Watch no 3[4].

On 24 February, 2010 Softshack's Unburied was added to blizzard's fan art gallery [5]. After he waited for a year and almost gave up hope. He was also recognized on 04 March, 2010 in the 30th Fan Art Watch [6].

Fan Art[edit | edit source]

Digitally Painted[edit | edit source]

Death to Skeletons - Gallery
Old Diablo - Gallery
New Diablo - Gallery
Barbarian Girl - Gallery
Unburied - Gallery
Spectral Blades I - Gallery
Fallen Portrait - Gallery
Caldeum - Gallery
Spectral Blades II - Gallery
Wings of Doom - Gallery
Terror Spawn - Gallery
Dark Convert - Gallery
Female Monk Tribute - Gallery
Tyrael: Liberator of Sanctuary - Gallery

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Sketches[edit | edit source]


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