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Equilibrium/Gray is a bit of Fan fiction poetry by Madrik Rimesorrow originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. Posted as a one shot on December 17th 2008.

Equilibrium/Gray[edit source]

By Madrik Rimesorrow

A fire of ice and a frozen flame.
Life and death are just the same.
Winds of fear do the demons tame.
Where am I without a name?

Why am I alone? What have I done?
I seem invisible under the yellow sun.
Raging thoughts, make me run.
I've been separated; I've been shunned.

I feel as if I'm burning alive.
Sent to the gallows at the stroke of five.
Decaying slowly in this carrion-hive.
Losing my breath every moment I survive.

Searing daggers scar my heart black.
Come so far, I cannot go back.
Nightmares and dreams upon my mind attack.
Thorns of malice, make my soul crack.

I know not if I shall see the light of day.
As life seems to have faded away.
The pendulum swings; It changes its sway.
I do not have anything more to say.

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