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This section was for the Fan Artists that use nameplates in their artwork.

What is a Nameplate?[edit source]

A nameplate is a graphical interface that shows the name of a target in most video games.

Why are they used?[edit source]

Nameplates are used as an easy way to identify creatures and other things in games. They can also be used in wallpaper and graphics art. One such example was Holyknight3000's wallpapers, as well as other fan artists.

Gallery of Nameplates[edit source]

This is a gallery of nameplates by various artists.

Artist: Holyknight3000[edit source]

Info - Gallery

Holynight3000's Nameplate Gallery[edit source]

Fiery Runes Series[edit source]
Series 1: Text
Series 2: Baal
Series 3: Portal Version I
Series 3: Portal Version III
iPhone: Apple I
iPhone: Flaming Apple II
D3 Wallpaper Series[edit source]
Angles II
D3 Concept Art Series[edit source]


Artist: Name[edit source]

Info - Gallery

Artist's Nameplate Gallery[edit source]

Series or Art[edit source]

More soon!

References[edit source]