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Slash Attack[edit source]

The ability of the Dragon Warrior to dissect his enemy in two parts only with one blow. The skill is something like Cleave of the Barbarian, but it is not just stronger attack. Yes, the damage is increased but there is a percent of chance for the warrior to split the enemy in two with a single blow. This is determined by the critical damage. If the warrior manages to make a critical strike and the damage dealt is more than 70% of the enemy's life, then the blow will split the opponent. This percent decreases as you add points to the skill and at the highest skill level it is 50%.

When you perform a Slash attack the warrior runs fast to the target (like Charge) and performs a slash that does not push the enemy back, but stops him for a moment. Costs some mana. Usually there is a two seconds cooldown to this attack, but you can perform it sooner. Of course, then the mana cost will be double.

When adding points to this skill you increase the damage and attack speed and the chance to split the enemy increases, because the percent mentioned above decreases.

Blade Fury[edit source]

Something like Zeal attack but made of Slash attacks. The warrior does a combo of slashes to his enemies. The chance to split them is reduced because the attack is fast.

Skill description: Remember The Matrix (1), when Neo first met an agent on the roof of a building. He tried to shoot his enemy, but the agent dodged all bullets. Look at the way he did this - the Dragon Warrior moves pretty much like this /maybe a little slower/ and performs slashes to nearby enemies /like zeal attack, but faster/. The warrior covers an area depending on the length of his weapon - when wielding a katana type sword - 3 meters diameter, shorter swords - 2 meters diameter, etc.

The attack speed depends on the speed of the weapon(s). Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill increase the damage, the chance to hit, the chance to split with one blow and the count of blows /maximum seven/. The mana cost will increase.

Underground Attack[edit source]

The Dragon Warrior uses his ability to burrow and move underground using his blade. For example you want to attack an archer or stronger enemy but there is a group of enemies in front of him you can go round them by using Underground attack. When you mark the target, use the skill to make the warrior burrow and pop up near the enemy after a while (needs time to reach the enemy) performing a Slash attack automatically. Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill increase the damage and the speed of moving underground. The mana cost will increase.

Dragon Breath[edit source]

The warrior puts his hands together and summons a flame flush that burns and ignites enemies. The flush looks like Ball's fire breath. Holding the skill button will keep the fire flush burning and will drain mana slowly. While enemies burn their defence will be lowered. Costs mana per second.

Adding points to this skill will increase the damage and the length and width of the fire flush. The burn duration and the defence lowered also increase. The mana cost per second will increase.

Teleport Explosion[edit source]

When the Dragon warrior is surrounded by his foes, he can avoid them and attack them at the same time if he make a Teleport Explosion. The warrior becomes transparent and dissapears, appearing to the new location pointed with the mouse. On his previous location, surrounded by the monsters, remains a flying fire sphere that explodes. The explosion is single if the skill level is low, double if the skill level is higher and triple if the skill level is even higher. The additional explosion could be added every 8th level of the skill, for example. Costs lots of mana. Has a casting delay of 15 seconds.

Adding points to this skill increases the damage of the explosion and determines if it is single, double or triple. The mana cost will increase.

Wind Run[edit source]

This skill allows the Dragon Warrior to run as fast as the wind without getting tired. This skill is a perfect device for attack with the speed of lightning. The attack and movement speed are increased greatly, but balanced so he doesn't look like moving like fast framed video. For a better balance in the game it will be good if the duration of Wind run is for a short time (30 seconds maybe) and there should be some casting delay. Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill will increase the duration and the percent of speed added. The mana cost will increase.

Fire Enchant[edit source]

The ability of the Dragon Warrior to add a fire enchant to his blade (there are flames coming out from the blade). An icon that counts the enchants shows somewhere in the lower screen. For the first level of the skill there are five enchants – the next five blows are fire enchanted. Every next level adds five (or three) more enchants and the fire damage of the attack increases. When the warrior has a fire enchant, he attacks his enemy and there is a fire explosion in the enemy’s body that stops him for a while. Costs mana.

When increasing the level of this skill the explosion gets bigger and can hurt the enemies nearby and the count of enchants per cast increases. The mana cost will increase.

Cold Enchant[edit source]

Like Fire enchant but this time the damage is cold and the enemies freeze for a while. If the next blow is fatal the enemy turns into ice pieces. Costs mana.

When adding points to this skill the cold damage increases as well as the freeze duration and the count of enchants per cast increases. The mana cost will increase.

Lightning Enchant[edit source]

Like Fire and Cold enchant but this time the enemies are put to the touch of shock therapy. A lightning starts running all over the enemy’s body, making him squiggle for a while. The damage is lightning of course. Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill will increase the lightning damage and the shock length and the count of enchants per cast increases. The mana cost will increase.

Poison Enchant[edit source]

Adds poison to the attack with blade. The poison causes the enemies move and attack slower and of course kills them slowly. Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill will increase the poison damage, the poison length duration and the count of enchants per cast increases. The mana cost will increase.

There can be only one active enchant at a time. When you add the next enchant it cancels the previous.

Invisibility[edit source]

The unique ability of The Dragon Warrior to become invisible. There is a limited duration of the invisibility. He becomes invisible only when it is dark enough or when there are enough bushes or trees. For example he cannot become invisible when he is in the desert at daytime. Enemies that are higher level can notice the warrior and signal to the others which will cause his camouflage to fall. If the enemy is equal level there is a 50% chance to notice the warrior. While invisible the Dragon Warrior can pass through his opponents but when he attacks someone, he becomes visible again. This skill allows you to attack the enemies from the position that you desire. Costs mana.

When adding points to this skill you increase the chance for not being noticed by the enemies and its duration. The mana cost will increase.

Dragon Wings[edit source]

When surrounded by foes, the warrior raises his hands aside and a violet transparent sphere appears from his chest and grows until it gets with 3 metres radius. The sphere grows in half a second and then disappears. When growing, the sphere pushes back and knocks surrounding enemies down. It is useful when you want to get away. The sphere deals some damage when pushing the enemies. Costs mana.

When adding points to this skill you increase the sphere radius and its damage. The mana cost will increase.

Doubles[edit source]

The ability of the Dragon Warrior to summon doubles of him. This skill is inspired from the series of “Kung – Fu: The Legend Continues”. When the enemies are much more, the Dragon Warrior summons three doubles of him and they can attack willfully, but when he performs his skills they copy him. For example if he perform Disk throw the doubles do it too. If he perform Teleport explosion the doubles do it too and appear next to him. If he performs a Slash attack the doubles do a Slash attack to the nearest enemy. If he adds some enchant the doubles add the same enchant to their attack. This also works for the rest of the skills except Dragon Spirit and Battle Ring.

The damage that doubles deal is lower than your damage. The doubles look a little bit blurred (like shadows) and they exist for a limited time (one minute or two). This skill should require lots of mana. When the skill is lower level the double is one. If the skill is higher level, the doubles are two and when the skill level is even higher the doubles are three. The maximum count of doubles is three. Costs mana.

When adding points to this skill you increase the duration of the doubles existence, their count and their damage. The mana cost will increase.

Spirit of Flames[edit source]

When using this skill the warrior makes a long shout and raises his hands aside. Then a big spirit (ghost), made of flames, comes out of the warrior's body waving its wings. It looks like something between a dragon and a Wraith from Diablo II. It flies around passing trough enemies and causes their ignition - they burn in infernal flames. It attacks willfully, but you can control it by pressing the skill button again to the desired target. After you summon the spirit it exists up to two minutes or until they kill it. It deals lot of damage and it's useful to big groups of enemies and bosses. The damage is fire and magical. Costs lots of mana.

Adding points to this skill will increase the spirit's damage, its health points and the time of existence. The mana cost will increase.

You cannot combine Spirit of Flames with Doubles. If you have summoned Doubles, you won't be able to summon the Spirit, and if you have summoned the Spirit, you won't be able to summon Doubles. This restriction is required, because otherwise the warrior will become too strong :))

Dragon Tears[edit source]

This is a special skill. The warrior throws a small leather balloon filled with a strange liquid that is believed to be dragon tears, but it's actually a magical liquid. It sprinkles all over the enemy's body and lowers his defence /the chance to hit him increases/ and also lowers his hit points by some percent for a limited time of 20 seconds. You have another option: when casting this to yourself or to allies the effect is different - it regenerates health and even increases it above the limit. Actually your health increases slowly even above the limit, for 20 seconds! This skill has some casting delay and it's different for the two options. After you cast it to an enemy the delay is 30 seconds. After you cast it to yourself or to allies the delay is two minutes. You can first cast it to an enemy and then the skill uses its delay, but then you can cast it to yourself or to allies. Each option has its separate casting delay. Costs mana.

Adding points to this skill will increase the lowered defence and health to enemies, and will increase the health recovery speed to you and allies. The mana cost will increase.

Spell Breaking Dust[edit source]

This ability has been discovered by the Aurian Mage Moon Snow when she combined her skills with the In Ten Masters. She discovered that combining ordinary ash, dust from the desert, the appropriate holy magic and the meditating mind of a warrior can create a magical substance that may break any spell when spread in the air. The formula is top secret an it is described only in the Book of In Ten. Even the Aurian Mage order doesn't know about it, because Moon Snow did never return to them to share it.

When you activate the skill, the warrior raises his hand above his head, holding a small glass orb, filled with violet dust. He presses and breaks the orb and there comes a big blast - like a wave /nova or quickly growing transparent violet sphere/. Then the air around the warrior is filled by tiny violet sparkles - forming a cloud. Any spell that is cast inside this cloud will not work, and every magical missile cast outside the cloud, but passing trough it, will fade away. As the warrior moves the cloud moves with him. After some time the cloud fades and there is a big cooldown of that spell. Costs lots of mana.

Higher level creatures and bosses will not be affected by this spell until you reach the required skill level, so add points.

Adding points to that skill will increase the cloud range, its duration and the chance to affect higher level foes. The cooldown will get shorter.

Maximum range - 9 meters radius Maximum duration - 20 seconds Minimum cooldown - 2 minutes

Ni - To Kendjutsu - Dual Wielding /option/[edit source]

The ability of the Dragon Warrior to fight wielding two swords – katana and wakisashi (short katana) and other weapons that require dual wielding. When he is wielding two weapons his Slash attack becomes double – he swings the swords in a sequence attacking two enemies at once (like Zeal attack of two blows).

Weapon Block /option/[edit source]

The ability of the Dragon Warrior to block with his weapons. This should be added, because the warrior is the master of weapons. The chance to block increases when adding points to Dexterity.

Critical Srike[edit source]

A passive skill that increases the chance of the Dragon Warrior to make a Critical Strike and also determines how much Damage will this Critical Strike do. Not only that. This skill allows you to penetrate the enemy's Defense.

The more points to the skill, the more Chance to make a Critical Strike of more Damage and to penetrate the enemy's Defense.

For example:

At the First Level of the Skill:

+ 5% Chance to make Critical Strike of + 100% Damage

+ 7% Chance to Penetrate enemy's Defense

At the Last Level of the Skill:

+ 17% Chance to make Critical Strike of + 300% Damage

+ 20 % Chance to Penetrate enemy's Defense

Maybe someone could say that the Dragon Warrior should have different skills like masteries with different weapons - katana mastery, halberd mastery, blade on a chain mastery /a blade like the one of Basara from the Samurai Shodown 4 game/ and others that determine the chance to make a critical strike with the appropriate weapon. But the Dragon Warriors are equally skilled with many different weapons, because they are included in their basic training. That's why there should be one general skill like the Critical strike that is equal to all weapon types.

Battle Ring[edit source]

When clicking the skill button on the enemy, the Dragon Warrior raises his hand and draws a mystic rune. A ring of runes appears on the floor around the enemy /you can make the runes to be the rune symbols from D2/. Rays of light glow from the runes forming a wall. The enemy inside the ring cannot get out /even teleport won't work - you can teleport only inside the ring area/ and the other enemies cannot get in the ring to help their friend. Only the Dragon Warrior and his allies can pass the ring. When the ring is formed it surrounds the enemy and pushes the others out of it. When the enemy tries to pass the ring the light of the rays shines bright and pushes him back. The light of the rays is usually violet. When teh Dragon Warrior adds an enchant to his weapons /see enchants/ the colour of the ring runes and rays changes. For example you trap an enemy inside the ring and add a fire enchant - the runes and the wall of rays start shining in orange. When the enemy tries to pass the ring, the light pushes him back, but there is some fire damage added.

The more skill points to this skill, the more duration of the ring and the more damage the walls deal when you add an enchant. Costs mana. The mana cost will increase when addong points to the skill.

The Battle Ring should be big enough for the two enemies to move inside. Some mini bosses and all the bosses should be able to pass the ring. Actually if you are higher level and the Battle Ring skill is not big level you should be also able to pass it. That's one more reason for you to add some skill points to this skill. Battle Ring cannot be combined with Doubles. When you have summoned doubles and you cast Battle Ring, only the original character performs the skill.

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