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The Avien continent was invented and designed by Veskin7 Bukito.

Words by the Author[edit source]

Continent of Avien.

I have invented and designed a whole new continent that is meant to be added in the Diablo 3 expansion. It was a lot of work and I hope you will like it. It is a schematic map and you might want to edit it and add colours - feel free to do this.

Previously the continent was named Angarock, but the author found a similarity with an existing game called Ragnarock Online. The new name also Matches with an Antivirus Company name, but it is again by chance.

The name of the continent now is Avien.

Continent Description[edit source]

Grayrock is a big mountain that stretches from the north to the south and divides the continent in two parts - East and West.

The West is more civilised. There are the desert of Brandiok, Abden and Xiang which are green, and Delerian to the south which is also green. Next to Delerian there is Lith peninsula /cape/, also green.

The East is presented by Crab Claw Gulf and Inshala - rocky country to the north. The lands south of Inshala are called Wildlands. They are presented by Moon Glow forest, Andin Valley, Dark forest and Shadoon Swamps. There is the Blizzard ocean to the west. There are the Saphire Sea and Purple Sea to the east and also Silver Ocean. There is the Nilaya island country to the north-east.

I will start to add description of each country and town in the continent after some time.

--Veskin7 Bukito 19:26, 10 March 2010 (UTC)