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The Cow King is a bit of Fan fiction poetry by Mrgrobyilm originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. Posted as a one shot on November 30th 2006.

The Cow King[edit source]

By Robert Grifatong Jr.

A transmuting flash in the back of my eyes,
A shiny red portal - true, no surprise.
I enter and watch as my mind unfurled
the secrets within, secrets kept by burrowed.

No need for elusive magic or spell
only claws of Phoenix to claim the fiery Hell.
The legion fell silent in the raging fight,
falling, one by one, through the burning night.

Only one remained standing, one bearing witness to fate,
as He waits for His own at the brown wooden gate.
Under the hood of His cloak I saw patientless brows.
'tis the Lord of true Terror, the King of all Cows.

Robert Grifatong Jr. '06.

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