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The Fall of Nightmares is a fan fiction piece by Kire, originally posted in the Fan Fiction Forum. This story was posted on March 17th 2010.

--Notes: This is just a story I started on recently to offer some lore about the Fan class The Alchemist. It also involves a Fan monster callen Run Azar by Veskin7. This is only the prologue, but let me know what you think of it.

The Fall of Nightmares[edit source]

By Kire

Prologue[edit source]

The Chaos Sanctuary. Long had it been since he had stood within it. Even as he waited, he felt the immense power radiated from this hallowed source of darkness –it invigorated him. The years of campaigning on the mortal realm had made him almost forget the strengthening power of the Burning Hells, and yet he had been called from the mortal realm to speak directly with Diablo. The Lord of Terror had always been satisfied with his talents on the mortal realm; he was instrumental in influencing mortals to side with the forces of Hell –often unknowingly. To have a private audience with him would have to be a great honor for him…or a great punishment to come. That sense of unease left Run Azar on edge. A master of nightmares and minds, even he felt anxious in the presence of a Prime Evil.

But he willingly served. Many of the Lesser Evils, such as Belial and Azmodan, felt that the campaigns on Sanctuary were a waste of energy. They preferred the days of direct conflict with the High Heavens; thus chafing at this goal of influencing the mortals. Yet Run Azar understood. The mortals, thought weak, had great potential –their souls contained unfathomable power that could be bent to Hell’s needs. Whichever side had control over the mortals’ souls would have the advantage. Thus, influence. This was why he was so favored by the Prime Evils. Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal allowed him to lead the Nightmares –insidious demons capable of subverting wills and creating terror in the minds of foes. To this end, he was unquestionable in his skills.

Suddenly, he felt the unmistakable swell of power as his lord appeared on his throne. At last, Diablo was before him, and he quickly kneeled.

“How may I serve you, my lord?”

The daunting form of Diablo regarded him slowly. The massive figure of red scales, claws, and horns belied the sinister mind of the Lord of Terror. Those that had made the mistake of underestimating his cunning had paid for their folly and now resided in the deepest, most miserable places in Hell. Fear was his greatest weapon, and all knew of the deadly extent of his abilities. His burning eyes appraised the general before he replied.

“You will manifest on the mortal plane, and travel to the mountains of northern Kehjistan. An old clan dwells within those mountains with secrets that I require. You will invade the city of Melatras of the Orue Agea.

He hid his disdain for having to return to the mortal plane so soon. Normally, he would consider such a task as invasion and destruction to be carried out by mindless swarms of feral demons. If the Lord of Terror had chosen him for this task, then manipulation was undoubtedly the goal.

“Have we any influencers among them, my master?”

“None of Hell nor those of Heaven –the foolish mortals are neutral in their allegiances. Yet they know much about the ties of reality. They have no alliance with the Angels, and are limited in their mortality. But beware their strength, for their wills are not easily bent.”

“That is my purpose, master.”

That, at least, granted him a wicked smirk.

“Indeed. That is why I have chosen you. Your Nightmares must corrupt these Orue Agea and discover all that you can of their mystical arts of binding. Such knowledge would allow one to bind creatures to the mortal realm. This is your sole intention…do not fail me!”

Here was his chance to be the one to bring the Angels to their knees. Bending wills was his talent, and no mortal would stop him for proving his worth to his lords.

“Yes, master, we shall crush the Orue Agea, body and soul, and wrench their secrets from their minds! The Heavens themselves will not fail to notice my works!”


As Run Azar took his leave from the Lord of Terror, another figure stepped out of the shadows. The malevolent visage of held a sneer as his chaotic form drew closer. Diablo chuckled darkly; Baal’s demeanor obviously expressed his doubt.

“Will he succeed?”

“Only as I have designed. As he said, the Heavens themselves will not fail to notice.”

Baal was not so easily appeased. He knew full well the repercussions should their plan fail –a consequence that he would not allow.

“But is it wise, allowing them to have such knowledge?”

“Patience, brother. Soon, we shall bring our power to the mortal plane, and the Heavens will know their mistake far too late. What Mephisto has learned from Izual is the foundation of our ascension, and the Oruegian secrets will set all things in motion.”

“Izual is one of them! A servant of the Light! Corrupted, yes, but he is an angel, how can we trust him?”

Baal was ever the realist. But the Lord of Destruction knew, as did Diablo, of the potential that Izual’s information provided. He had told them of sacred stones that could bind and even trap otherwordly creatures to the mortal plane, and sustain them with the power of souls. All that was lacking was the spells to accomplish the binding. These "soulstones" could be the key to their triumph over Heaven.

“Have more faith in Mephisto. The Lord of Hatred has learned much in his interrogations. And Izual has turned against his own kind. The soulstones will be our means of gaining the upper hand.”

Baal nodded briefly at his brother’s assertion, apparently pacified for the time being. Then, a grin of malice spread across his face.

“And as for Run Azar? He is one of our high generals.”

Diablo considered this. A pity, but this opportunity could not be allowed to simply pass by. The plan had been set in motion, and soon Terror, Destruction, and Hatred would consume the Light.

“The force of the binding spells must be proven by another’s hand to preserve the deception. It is necessary.”

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