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Fan creativity is an integral part of the Diablo community, and brings further depth to it than only receiving content from Blizzard.

Fan Art[edit | edit source]

The most visual and perhaps the easiest form of fan creation we can enjoy is fan art through drawings, paintings, wallpapers or other photoshop jobs made by fans. More prominent fan artists have been honoured with permanent wiki pages in Diablo Wiki for delivering high quality Diablo art to the rest of the community.

Currently added fan artists:

One of the greatest sources of community fan art is's Diablo 3 Fan Art gallery, and the associated Diablo Fan Art forum. To advertise your own fan art or to look at others, these are good tips.

Fan Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Key chapter 1 by Tamrend.

A more sombre and reflective art form is that of the written word from the community's fan fiction writers. While not as accessible, it has the potential to reach a further depth in trying to explore ideas and topics around the about the franchise, and it requires an even more patient mind to write them.

Prominent fan fiction writers are also represented in Diablo Wiki.

Currently added fan fiction writers:

The massive fan fiction site The Dark Library is unfortunately no more, but the roots of that site still lives on in's Diablo fan fiction forum. The ancient archives of TDL is also slowly added to DiabloWiki, for all fans to enjoy.

Crossovers[edit | edit source]

In many cases, interesting additions are created when creative souls mix and match their skills to create material that is not purely dedicated to either art or fiction. Additions such as fan classes, fan monsters, fan characters, fan locations or fan skills belong to a special type of writer, who use inspiration to come up with examples of how the game can be developed.

Game mechanics, skills and ideas, even new lore are added, and to top it off, they might also create custom fan art to go with it, or ask an established artist.

Fan Creation in Diablo wiki[edit | edit source]

It's important to know that while fan creativity is very welcome in Diablo Wiki, it's not a wiki made specifically for Diablo fan art and fan fiction. The wiki is geared towards Diablo in general and Diablo III in particular, so any added new pages need to be very clearly marked as fan art or fan fiction if added to the wiki.

New articles for fan classes or fan monsters are easily added like the previous ones, but if an artist wants to add additional pages, like lore entries, sub pages needs to be made. An example is the Dragon Warrior's Angarock continent. New pages of fan fiction are added as subpages to the main article. The same goes for any non-canon lore added.

Make Your Own Contribution[edit | edit source]

If you have talent in writing, drawing or if you're just swarmed with good ideas for Diablo III, then don't wait for someone else to beat you to the punch, get in there and add your two cent to the database! Add a class, a monster, or perhaps some of your writing or images to the wiki. Many pages could do with a few extra images, and many more need help being fleshed out in the official lore.

Go ahead, perhaps you'll even earn your own personal page on the Diablo Wiki!