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The Dark Library was an online collection of fan fiction that focused primarily, though not exclusively, on the Diablo and Warcraft universes.

Website [e]
The Dark Library logo.jpg
Type of site: Fansite
Language: English
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: IncGamers
Created by: Elly & Rushster
Launched: 1999
Internet rank: Unknown
Current status: Offline

Description[edit | edit source]

The site hosted short stories, character concepts, and novellas, as well as non-fiction pieces such as author interviews and the Diablo Compendium,'s the old comprehensive database of Diablo related text and lore.

Anyone was free to register and adding their content to the site.

The site could be found at, and was hosted by (now

Background[edit | edit source]

Started back in 1999, the archive was a staple source of both fan fiction and facts in the Diablo community.

The site closed down due to technical difficulties, and is currently offline.

Members of DiabloWiki have felt this is just too much of a loss, and has started rebuilding the Dark Library within the wiki. See more in the fan fiction section.